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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals Is a Team Effort - Who's in Your Team?

Many of your friends will be hugely supportive of your weight loss goals, encouraging you through fat and thin, good and bad days. But some friends won't be as helpful, and may even sabotage your weight loss, albeit unintentionally. So how can you identify who should be in your support team?

You'll already have some great friends for your weight loss team - friends who are really positive, who see the good in every situation, no matter how challenging it can be. They're great team members, encouraging you with your weight targets and giving you great feedback about your progress. They'll even give you a good stern talking to, just when your determination & willpower is flagging!

You definitely don't want people on your team who drain away your energy, leaving you feeling depressed and negative. You know the type - people who say "oh you'll never stick to it" when you tell them about your diet plans. We call them mood-hoovers because they quickly suck your good mood away!

Identifying your saboteurs may take a little time. Sometimes, your friends & family start off being very supportive of your weight loss goals. But then they tell you that you've lost enough weight, or start making unpleasant comments about your new shape. Maybe you're now receiving a lot of attention from others and your friends are jealous! Often this is not about you - it's about them and how they're feeling - their insecurities, perhaps even their own inability to lose weight, and their fear that you won't want them as a friend any more. You might also discover that some of your relationships revolve around food - friends who insist on going out for a meal, or your mum always baking you your favourite cakes when you visit - it's very easy for them to put temptation in your way, and hard for you to resist!

We're not saying that you have to permanently get rid of your mood-hoover and saboteur friends, but you do have to learn to manage them! Develop strategies, like "no thanks, I just ate earlier" when offered food which doesn't fit your diet. Take your mum's baking home with you so you don't hurt her feelings - then give it to someone else! Explain gently to friends & family how important your weight loss is to you, whilst reassuring them that you're still the same person; ask for their help, understanding and encouragement. And perhaps employ the three strike rule - suspending persistent offenders from your support team, sending them to the benches until you've reached your target weight!

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