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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Beginner's Guide To Natural Dieting: How I Made The Transition From Dangerous Fad Diets!

If you want real results, permanent results, and also get those without side-effects and pulling off a disappearing act with your bank account, then NATURAL dieting is certainly the way to go! Unfortunately many people (including myself when I first got started with dieting) don't know this. What ends up happening is that we end up getting caught into what seems like a never-ending cycle (or should I say nightmare?) with joining those ineffective, but "seemingly" awesome diets that are advertised all over! But, through that darkness, there is a light at the end of that tunnel... and it's called natural dieting!

This article is somewhat a beginner's guide to natural dieting, but it is also an account of what I did (and learned) from transitioning from ineffective and dangerous diet methods to REAL dieting.

1. First, what is a fad diet? A fad diet is a popular program that is used by many simply because of its popularity, not necessarily because it works. These types of diets gain popularity because of their extreme and seemingly effective approach for losing weight. This includes reducing carbs, reducing calories, reducing fats, eating nothing but raw foods, doing nothing but detox for your body, eating a ton of bananas, and on, and on!

The funny thing about fad diets is that their intentions is okay, but their approach is WAY too extreme... and that's what ends up causing side-effects (such as reducing your metabolism, getting digestive problems, and more).

2. Next, I found out (the hard way) why natural will always work best. Natural dieting will always be the best way to go because this approach prevents your metabolism from slowing down, increases natural energy levels, helps promote healthy and natural weight loss, and more.

3. Natural dieting is based on the following #1 rule: Proper nutrition. This means eating ALL types of foods without starving yourself and without restricting nutrients too much. This means you'll be eating healthy fats, healthy carbs, protein, antioxidants, and foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and you will be eating the right amount of calories. The foods that are avoided are processed foods, bad fats, and bad carbs.

4. Where do you find natural diets? These types of programs can be found all over. The most popular place you'll find them is right where you are at right now... online. There are many programs available on the Internet that are 100% natural and very effective. A diet such as this would be instantly downloaded online and can be started with right away.

5. How much do they typically cost? That's the other great thing about REAL programs. They do not cost a lot... nor do you have to continue paying for them with monthly fees. Typically, these types of diets range anywhere from $40-$100 once. The program I chose was on the low-end of pricing, but it came with a lot more than most diets (including a diet generator software program and a comprehensive diet guide).

6. What can I expect when I'm done? When you are finished with a natural diet program, you can expect an easy transition back to normal eating, permanent weight loss, and a TON of motivation to STAY eating healthier and living healthier for life!

All the above is an account of what I did and learned as I made the switch from unnatural fad dieting to natural dieting. And I'm glad I did! I'm now 52 pounds lighter, I'm feeling MUCH better, my clothes FINALLY fit (in fact, I had to buy a new wardrobe!), and so much more! And you know what? This WILL happen for you too! Just follow my lead and stay consistent, and once you start seeing the results come in, trust me, you won't be able to stop... until you have reached the body of your dreams!

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