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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Belly Fat Melting Foods

We are all aware that belly fat is unattractive and detrimental to ones self-esteem. Whether you are a man or woman, belly fat can be very difficult to live with. You are self-conscious about what you wear and what you do. You may stay away from the beach or pool, just so you do not need to wear a bathing suit. If these are things you really enjoy you can have a hard time dealing with this. I've even heard of people moving away from the coast, just so they don't need to deal with the swimsuit issue.

Belly fat is also a major heath risk as it is known to increase the chance of heart disease due to the restriction of blood flow in your abdomen. It can also increase the risk in developing type II diabetes.

By now you should have come to the conclusion that belly fat is not very good for you. There are some small changes in your life, more specifically your diet, that can reduce belly fat and get you feeling much, much better.

Other than the obvious stuff like controlling your portions, exercising more, there are some great foods that can help you reduce your waist size.


Why not ditch the sugar filled cereal and replace it with some healthy oatmeal. This is a very low cholesterol food that contains many minerals, vitamins and fibre. You can add berries, fruits and other grains to make this a super healthy breakfast.


This trademark "green" is very high in iron and folate which keeps your immune system running properly and helps protect you from heart disease. Add this to a salad during lunch or garnish to any meal.


Not only do they taste great but these dark berries are extremely good for you. Blueberries contain anitoxidants, fibre and vitamin C. Add these to your morning oatmeal for a double dose of goodness.


Its no surprise that at least one fish has made it on this list. Not only does salmon taste great but it can be prepared in many different ways. You can BBQ, bake, boil or fry this in a pan with some extra virgin olive oil. Salmon contains omega 3 acids which are very important to the health of your heart.


This high protein food has many things that can help you reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease. The great thing about soy is that can consume it in many different ways. Try soy milk, soy crackers, tofu, soy wieners, burgers and many more.

Adding these foods into your diet along with some exercise and you can greatly reduce your belly fat while increasing your overall health.

After your workout make a shake that contains soy milk, blueberries, spinach, bananas and protein powder.

Simple approaches to lifestyle and diet can help reduce your waist size and increase your self-confidence. Jared has found effective solutions to helping people with busy lifestyles improve their overall health. He has recently focused on the belly fat solution for both men and women.

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