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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can Bee Pollen Help With Weight Loss?

Drug companies have many products on the market being touted as a magic weight loss pill. Most synthetically manufactured weight loss pills will help you drop a few pounds quickly, but this is not the problem fat you are looking to lose, but rather mostly water, which is the easiest type of fat to lose.

There are 2 major problems with any pharmaceutical drug pills;

the weight you lose will always come backall drug-made products come with a list of potentially dangerous side effects

If you think taking bee pollen can help you lose weight you are right. You won't see it marketed specifically as a weight loss supplement because it is effective in a variety of ways, including, as a natural antibiotic that treats viral infections, colds, flu etc. Because of it's high zinc content it has been used to help men fight prostate cancer.

Because of the unhealthy processed foods most of us eat on a daily basis, our metabolism is set at a very slow rate. This means our body doesn't burn off calories the way it should, the result is unnecessary added weight. The higher our metabolism is set, the more calories our body will burn.

Key bee pollen ingredients for weight loss

But bee pollen works well for weight loss because of it's high content of lecithin and amino acids. These substances are key for speeding up your metabolism, and that is something that is used as a necessary selling point in every commercial weight loss pill on the market.

Amino acids

There are some amino acids that can specifically increase our body's energy levels which naturally lower body fat. Our body will produce some amino acids on it's own, but with a low-nutrition diet many of us require additional sources for these.


Lecithin is sold as a supplement and is included in many weight loss supplements because it is believed to metabolize and transport fat.


The calories your body gets from good quality protein, as found in bee pollen, has an effect on losing weight because more than any other nutrient, protein has a major influence on your body's metabolism.

B vitamins

The group of B vitamins are connected to metabolism, and vitamin B12 specifically affects digestion, and the metabolism of fats and carbs. Food sources for vitamin B12 includes meat, fish, and eggs, and of course bee pollen.

Learn how to choose the purest quality bee pollen to help with weight loss and many other aspects of your health.

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