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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Explosive Weight Loss - 2 Surefire Tips To Lose Weight!

Would you like to achieve explosive weight loss? Do you want to flaunt that super hot body you dream of to your friends and family? Are you interested in achieving a sexy super hot body in no time flat? If yes, read on. I'm about to reveal to you some cover methods to help you achieve explosive weight loss.

Weight training - 90% of fitness trainers out there recommend that you do weight training in a slow and steady manner. They are right in some way. They want to make sure that you don't injure yourself when working out. But most of their advice is complete B.S and it isn't effective in my opinion.

When you are doing weight training, you need to go hard and cause maximum damage to your muscle tissues. Your body doesn't burn fat when you workout. It burns fat during the rest period when it repairs the damaged cells and tissues. That's why exercise is effective. But most workouts in the gym cause minimal damage to the tissues. So you notice only small improvements.

The right way to do it is by lifting only 1/3 of the weight that you can actually lift. Once you uncover the actual weight you can lift, start lifting only 1/3 of the weight you can lift. When you do the exercise, you will find it easy since you are lifting less weight than you can handle. Don't do just 10 or so reps. keep performing the exercise until you can't do it anymore.

Don't stop until you can't lift your weight anymore. Take a short break and do another set. Do this for each and every muscle group. Don't work out the next day. You'll experience a lot of muscle pain the next day and your body will be repairing various tissues in your body. If you check the weight on day three at your gym, you'll certainly be amazed.

Activating the fullness hormone - There's a hormone called Leptin in our body which gets released when we fill our stomach completely. We primarily eat food in order to get energy. But when the energy expenditure of the body is less than the food consumed, the remaining food is converted into fat and stored.

You'll keep eating more than your energy requirement if the Leptin hormone isn't secreted. Unfortunately, drinks such as coffee, carbonated drinks, tea and alcohol prevent the Leptin hormone from secreting. When this particular hormone doesn't secrete, you tend to keep filling your stomach.

So if you want to lose weight, stop consuming caffeine and other carbonated drinks. Just stick to drinking fruit juices. If you activate the fullness hormone and perform weight training as given above, you are sure to achieve explosive weight loss.

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