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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling Like an Adventurer and Wanting to Lose Weight?

They say that mountain climbing can burn up to 400 or perhaps 500 hundred calories per hour. It's a good hourly rate, let me tell you that. But not only that, it's also good for your health, surely you do not need me to tell you that. You strengthen your muscles, exercise your lungs and heart and overall investing a lot into healthy development of your body.

Never leave your home adventuring without a bottle of water at the very least! It's important to also carry a snack, because trust me, you will soon get very tired and even more so hungry. But that's okay; if you make sure the food you're eating is healthy and that you're burning it away in any case, you have nothing to fear.

Make sure you consume plenty of proteins before attempting to climb anything. And if you're wondering where to store all the snacks for the long trip, here's a good trick many of our sport climbers use. Pack your bags full of nuts! They light, easy to carry, but at the same time they're also very good to ease your hunger with to replenish your energy.

Before starting the adventure, you shouldn't eat a lot of trash food (you shouldn't do that anyway, which I'm quite sure you know by now). Make sure you take with you something to call help with, just in case things go wrong. Or better yet, take someone with you, especially if it's your first such endeavor. Having an assistant is a good idea in any case, so you might just as well take advantage of both.

When climbing, make sure your pace is something you can handle. Don't speed things up for no reason, this is the first thing that can lead you to having an undesirable accident. You have nothing to prove to anyone, so make sure that safety is always first. Take regular breaks; enjoy the scenery, eat a granola bar, drink some water. When you're feeling rested, continue the journey, not a minute sooner.

Losing weight can sometimes be a chore and you get the feeling that no matter what you do, you will never reach your goals. Let me assure you this could not possibly be farther from the truth! Stay at it, results will be visible soon if you never stop believing and if you don't get lazy.

Alright, take care, stay at it and I'll see you soon!

Davis Tommy Hudlon is a weight loss guru and a dedicated nutritionist.

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