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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Five Simple Lose Weight Tips Even My Mom Could Do It

Eat breakfast

I'm not just talking about eating any old breakfast. It needs to be a well-balanced meal. So it should have healthy fats, good amount of protein, limit the refined sugars, and have a good carbs like fruits and vegetables. For example, during breakfast, maybe you can throw in some frozen fruit, protein powder and some flaxseed oil. So that's all three categories. Now, those donuts won't work. Anything that is high sugar won't work because it makes you feel pretty energetic for a few hours, but then you get real low and might not be able to do efficient work as you need to be.

Eat high fiber foods

Those are going to keep your food longer and they're going to fill you up faster. Some examples would be artichokes, broccoli, paired, blueberries, beans,, lentils, and refined grains. Again, these foods are going to keep you full longer, so you have less cravings then you would eat less throughout the day.

Drink water

This is going to help increasing your metabolism, help your body detoxify and also help improving your digestive function. So some tips on how to drink a lot of water through the day is right when you wake up, drink eight ounces of water. It's actually just cup so it's not that much and I find this gives me a burst of energy and then drink eight ounces of water right before you eat room temperature or warm and that will help your digestive system get work in.

Pay attention to what portion sizes you're eating

This is amazing to me on packaged foods involved foods and drinks and beverages on the nutrition fact label as they say how many servings are for that item, and a lot of times, it's two or more serving, so pay attention because it's really easy to drink that bottle of whatever you're drinking, you're getting way more calories than the label says. Furthermore, a lot of people don't know the standard serving sizes for food. A serving of meat is three to four ounces, which is the sides of the deck of cards. A tablespoon of oil or one ounce of nut is about the size of the ping pong ball. One cup of raw vegetable is a serving and then a half a cup of carbohydrates is also a serving. So, it's really easy to over eating for not paying attention to how much we're eating.

Eat as much organic food as possible

You're going to have to avoid all of the chemicals, all the food additives artificial ingredients that mess up your endocrine system and your metabolism. Since organic food is a big topic, I'm going to get into it more detail in another article.

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