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Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat - For Women

We all know already how bad belly fat is for us. It is not only ugly, giving our body an unattractive shape, it is also unhealthy. Belly fat is the cause of many health risks. But knowing the nasty facts about belly fat is not enough. What is important is to know how to get rid of belly fat.

As a pre-menopause (or is it already menopause onset?) woman, I have added many pounds to my weight in the last few years. The strange thing is that I don't yet feel fat. I have been average weight for most of my life, and that is how I feel today. When I see a fat women, I think to myself: "Oh, she is fat!" Only later I remember that I myself am also overweight, and to other people I probably seem to be just like her. I forget about that. I still feel the same average-sized women I used to be. That makes it even more difficult to take actual steps towards losing this extra fat. I don't feel the need, as I feel this fat is only something temporary and not really related to me. Only when I try to weigh myself I get this blow.

I know I have to eat less. I know I have to keep a healthy diet. How on earth am I supposed to eat healthy while having one kid who will eat only chips and pancakes, and another one who would like red meat every day?

I know I have to exercise. I should be doing a minimum of 10,000 steps every day. I should be doing more exercise to strengthen my belly muscles. How on earth do I fit these exercises into the schedule of a mother of 3, working part-time half of the day and driving around my kids on the afternoon (not to mention helping them with homework, preparing supper, keeping the house moderately clean...)?

The question of how to get rid of belly fat - for women, especially mothers, is really not an easy one.

One thing I found that helps is diet pills. Many people think diet pills are scam, but that's because they were taught to think of diet pills as some magic pills that will transform their life and get rid of their belly fat without any more effort on their part. Wrong!

Diet pills are supposed to help you in your regular diet. They help you keep to a healthy diet by restraining your hunger craves. You can prepare your kids lunch or supper without "just tasting" anything, and without eating the leftovers. You eat when you are hungry, and then you can keep to the food you would like to eat. Fat burning diet pills will also help your body get rid of the extra belly fat you got from the food you do eat.

With diet pills you still need to exercise. Though with the right diet pills, you will have more energy, so that you can still go to gym or do a workout after an afternoon of driving around with the kids or keeping them happy at home.

Find the right diet pills that suit you in the Diet Pills Website and learn how to get rid of belly fat - for women.

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