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Saturday, February 11, 2012

How To Lose Weight And Eat Well At The Same Time

Weight Watchers is an American company that focuses on weight loss services to assist people in losing as well as maintaining weight. Every week, approximately 46,000 meetings are held in 30 countries. This meeting is the core approach that this company uses to help people achieve healthy weight. Hundreds of Weight Watchers recipes have also been created to help people control their calorie intake. Unlike other diet plans, Weight Watchers diet does not require you to eat less. You will still be able to eat well and yet lose fat at the same time.

However, this diet plan does require you to increase your intake of certain foods. According to a study, foods that are high in water and fiber are the key to a weight loss success. Fiber and water aid digestion and it is easier for you to lose weight if you have smooth digestion. Additionally, according to Weight Watchers, consuming foods with fewer calories per volume helps you maintain a healthy body mass. Scientifically, foods that are low in calories are called "low-energy density foods". However, this term may sound complicated for you. Weight Watchers makes the term less complicated by creating a simple concept. They only require you to choose food smartly and eat enough calories. Hence, you still can satisfy your hunger with delicious foods and achieve a healthy body weight. This is a wise choice because when you eliminate certain foods in your diet you are more likely to crave those foods.

"Low-energy density foods" are rich in water and low in calories. These foods greatly affect the amount of food that someone eats. In other words, they create the feeling of fullness with low calories. These foods are also lower in fat which is one of the major sources of calories. When you consume enough water, you will feel full and yet your body won't store any excess fat. Instead of having pancakes for breakfast, you can try a cup of oatmeal and some grapes. Compared to raisins and a cup of granola, grapes and oatmeal contain more water.

Other Weight Watchers approved low-energy density foods include:

- Fruits: Melons, pears and berries. Fresh fruits are more recommended than the dried or canned ones.

- Vegetables: Tomatoes, lettuce and celery. Vegetables contain fewer calories than fruits and you should consume them without any sauce or dressing.

- Cooked grains: brown rice and oatmeal.

You should limit your consumption of high-energy density foods. They are packed with empty calories and only make you feel full only for a while. These include processed foods such as sugary snacks, crackers, pretzels, and fried foods. You can eat them once in a while but do not over-consume them.

According to the scientists at Weight Watchers International, Inc, choosing foods that contain fewer calories is an important step in gaining sustainable weight loss. Besides, incorporating less-processed foods is also good for health. Weight Watchers has spent many years to find the best plan for maintaining healthy weight. Consuming low-energy density foods is one of the ways they suggest to lose weight and stay healthy.

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