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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Injury Prevention

The last thing we all want is to pick up an injury, especially a serious long term one. Luckily injuries are preventable if you train smart as well as training hard.
Here are ten check points to stop those major injuries and keep those niggling little ones at bay.

1. This should go without saying really, always use proper form and technique. Never cheat on an exercise, your only cheating yourself out of results and putting yourself in unnecessary harm.

2. Use exercises that are within your limitations, if you are new to training, don't push straight into a handstand pushup, work your way up to the more advanced moves.

3. Make your training your training, only you know what you are capable of doing, your strengths and weaknesses, a routine built for Peter may not work for Paul.

4. Make each training session count, stay focused on the goal at hand, distractions only cause harm, make sure you are paying 100% attention when training.

5. Don't over train, there's being enthusiastic and there's too much. Your body needs rest, some more than others. As you become a more advanced athlete your body will be able to withstand more, listen to your body.

6. Warm up well, this at the time may seem pointless and non-beneficial, but your body needs it. Going "cold" into an exercise is a sure fire way to get hurt, a warm-up needn't take a lot of time, 3mins shadow boxing, a couple of mins skipping are more than enough.

7. Flexibility is key, tight muscles are no good, incorporate stretching into your weekly workout schedule. Yoga is excellent for this, because not only will it increase your flexibility dramatically, it also teaches you a better way to breathe through exercises.

8. Keep your body fueled correctly to motor correctly during workouts, Eating healthy is paramount for a great body, but a great body not only looks good, it will perform at its best when fueled well.

9. Rest well, again, this shouldn't need a mention, but we all do it. We all have hectic lifestyles, then train hard on top of that; our bodies need recovery time, that's not just when you go to bed. Make time for rest, your body will thank you.

10. Be alert, high school gym teachers weren't correct, pain is not gain, hard work is gain. Pain is pain. If you feel there is something not quite right, stop and assess the situation. Don't continue if something hurts.

A quick recap...

1. Use proper form
2. Know your limits
3. Train your body
4. Stay focused
5. Avoid overtraining
6. Have a warm-up
7. Be flexible
8. Eat healthy
9. Rest well
10. Don't ignore pain


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