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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Psychology of Losing Weight During the Holidays

It's hard enough to lose weight without the added stress of everyone telling you the holidays just are too hard to lose that weight and maybe you should just wait. This statement only proves even more that losing weight can be more psychological than physical. Yes, there are more goodies tempting you during the holidays, but goodies are available year round at the grocery store and gatherings. It's a choice whether to overindulge. Dieting is about a lifestyle change of choices.

You must make the decision to lose weight. Nothing will happen until you mentally decide it is time to shed those pounds. You may have a day or two where you fall off the wagon and eat like a horse. You have to realize that is just fine and you better jump right back on the wagon instead of giving up.

At first it is easy to tackle the dieting lifestyle. You are ready to see results and get to the end of the journey. The problem with this thought is that over time you might get bored with eating well and not seeing the exact results you want. Remember pounds don't just jump away overnight. As you slip into the slums of dieting and the excitement fades remember the goal you had in mind. Remember the benefits you will reap at the end of this journey. It's easy to jump back into old habits, but it isn't healthy. Make being healthy exciting to you so once you think of that journey you smile instead of frown thinking about healthy foods and that treadmill. The journey should be exciting and the beginning of something new for you and your entire future.

There are a million tricks out there that say you can lose five pounds in a day. It sounds all good, but those five pounds are probably just water weight. The only diet at this time that will help you safely lose over one pound in a week is the HCG diet where prescription shots or drops are given to help fat be eaten away faster. The rest of the diets only deplete water and muscle. This journey is not a fast race as the human body cannot keep up with it if it was a race! The changing of eating habits might be slow as you slowly choose the foods that are better for you and learn to incorporate them into each meal.

There are not many dieters in the world who can honestly say they never cheat. No one is a perfect dieter and no one is a competitive diet winner. There is no such thing as our bodies all work differently. The dieters that succeed are the ones who do not take their eyes off the prize. You may eat horribly one day and feel horrible because of it. Hopefully this feeling will help boost your confidence back into the dieting ring. Do not let guilt keep you fat. Let that guilt guide you to a better tomorrow.

As the holidays lure you with their goodies just remember to keep your eye on the journey. The holidays are not the enemy, but can be a welcome friend. While others are gaining the weight that society claims they just have to gain, you can be shedding those pounds because you know the holidays cannot hold you hostage from your goals.

Julie Adams is the Marketing Coordinator at Davisson Clinic's Diet by Design Weight Loss Center in Dallas, Texas. A forever West Texan Julie credits her achievements to her degree in Broadcast Journalism at Texas Tech University. She is helping the Davisson Clinic launch its social media platforms. This clinic offers prescription and non prescription weight loss programs all designed specifically for each client. Everyone on the staff is highly educated in both nutrition and weight loss. Julie has always been involved in fitness activities and sporting events. She enjoys sharing what she has learned at the clinic to change the destiny of others. Potential clients are welcome to get a free consultation at the clinic by visiting

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