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Monday, February 6, 2012

Revealed! The Best Secret For Diet Success - Do You Suffer From Bad Toe Syndrome?


Symptoms: Feeling fat, wearing clothes that hide your body, not be able to stick to a diet plan, feeling unmotivated to exercise, feeling jealous of slimmer people....

If any of these sound familiar, you may well be suffering from BAD TOE SYNDROME! (Add loud screaming noises from a bad horror film here!)

Luckily, I have discovered the cure and I've bottled it into this article and it's available to you NOW in just a few paragraphs. How kind and awesome of me.


Bad Toe Syndrome is the name I give to the state of taking one small problem you have, and making it into the entire focus of your identity!

If you want to be a weight loss success story, you need to take is to cure yourself of BAD TOE SYNDROME.

QUESTION: If I have a bad toe, am I...

a) A BAD TOE or

b) A PERSON with a BAD TOE?

ANSWER: B (You must have said B! You must!)

Right now, you're probably thinking, well Jo, of course it's B! Why would I believe I was a nothing but a bad toe?

How you behave is directly related to the way you see yourself, and what you believe about yourself. One of the greatest barriers to successful weight loss is how you behave.

Why are you overweight and looking to lose some pounds? Be honest. It's because you have acted and behaved in the manner of a 'Fat Person'!

By eating junk and too much of it, not following a great exercise programme, too much time on the couch... we tend to gain a little fat. Then we start to think of ourselves as a fat person.

Our brain goes through its records and brings up The Fat Person File and within this file is a list of ways we think a Fat Person behaves... a set of rules society has ingrained in our minds about the behaviour of people who are a little bigger than they should be....

...and hey presto, your brain now does everything it can to make sure you stick to those Fat Person rules!

Now all of a sudden, you come to your senses and you realise you need to deal with the situation! Maybe your clothes are now to tight or you've seen a holiday photo that horrified you...

So you try to behave like a 'Slim Person', only to find that you keep messing up, you keep falling off the wagon, that it feels like absolute torture to carry on trying to lose weight.

Why does this happen? This happens because you THINK of yourself as a FAT PERSON and so, your subconscious is set to help you to BEHAVE like a FAT PERSON!

You CAN'T consistently behave like someone you do NOT believe you are.

Let's change the question.

QUESTION: If I have more fat than I want or should have, am I...


b) A PERSON who has more fat than they want right now?


You are a PERSON who has more fat than they want right now. You are NOT just a FAT PERSON.

If you still believe you're a FAT person, you'll find it very difficult to lose weight until you stop thinking of yourself this way. Losing weight requires you to act like a SLIM person - so you've got to believe this is someone you could be!

You CAN consistently behave like someone you DO believe you are.

Just because you have one piece of yourself that's not as it should be, whether it's a bad toe or any other part of you, it's clear that this is not the sum total of everything you are.

Today's lesson is simple, and here it is:

When you no longer believe you're just a FAT PERSON, you'll stop behaving like one.

If you believe you are actually a healthy, slim and fit individual, you will instinctively start to take on the characteristics for that mindset... you'll behave in way that SUPPORTS that belief and not too long after that, you'll BE that healthy, slim and fit individual.

We've all heard the phrase 'where the mind leads, the body will follow'. So lead your mind to different thoughts and your body will soon be chasing it up the road to catch up!

Repeat after me:

I am not a bad toe.

Every time your brain presents you with thoughts and feelings that do not support you as a healthy, slim and fit individual, tell it...



I AM....

You can be whatever you want to be. Don't let anyone or anything stop you, including yourself.

Joanne Milsom is a leading Personal Trainer and Diet Coach who has helped thousands of people achieve their goals over the last decade. She is the author of the book Dumbells Are A Girl's Best Friend and creator of The 8 Week Diet Programme.

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