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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Six Amazing Supplements to Assist Your Weight Loss

Many people know that proper diet and exercise are important aspects of weight loss. What many do not realize is that certain supplements can increase your success. By adding the appropriate supplements to your diet, you can increase your energy and boost the effectiveness of your weight loss regime.

1. Calcium
The first supplement you should consider is calcium. You can choose to take a daily calcium tablet. Alternatively, you may decide to consume three low-fat dairy products per day. Either will benefit your ability to burn fat.

2. Green Tea
To reduce your appetite, try a nice cup of green tea about 20 minutes before mealtime. Green tea helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Make certain to consume it without any additional sweeteners, as they will negate the positive effects of the tea.

3. Fiber
Another important factor to consider is fiber. Most people do not consume an adequate amount of fiber in their diet. By taking a fiber supplement, you will increase the movement of your bowels and help to eliminate toxic build-up in your colon. Fiber is available in tablets and in powders. These powders can be mixed into your favorite beverage. Check the label to ensure that the product contains no added sugars.

4. Vitamin B
Taking a vitamin B supplement is guaranteed to increase your energy and help your body burn fat. The combination of all of the B vitamins is more effective than taking one or two individually. You can find them in both pill and liquid form. The liquid tends to absorb more quickly than the pills. If you take one that contains niacin, look for the label to say flush free.

5. Magnesium
Another substance which will aid in boosting your metabolism is magnesium. It is available in a powder form but, also in many of the foods consumed for a healthy, balanced diet. These foods include your green leafy vegetables, cocoa, nuts, and seeds. Magnesium serves an important function in a variety of your body systems. The correct balance of calcium and magnesium in your body should be around 2:1.

6. Iron
Another mineral that is essential to a healthy system is iron. When you exercise, you lose some of this essential mineral through sweat and tissue damage/repair. There are many foods that contain this vital nutrient. The liver, kidney, and heart of animals are all high in iron, though you should limit consumption of these to 2-3 times throughout the week. Other means of obtaining iron in your diet include consuming lean cuts of meats, legumes, dried fruit, and rolled oats.

One last thing to consider is to always stay well hydrated. Water plays an important role in virtually every system of your body and most certainly benefits your weight loss efforts. Without it, you will struggle at losing weight and face serious health consequences.

If you follow these suggestions you should notice a remarkable improvement in your weight loss program. Many of these supplements are available in pill form and by increasing the amounts of certain foods you eat. You can choose to make the best results out of your weight loss program by beginning to add these crucial elements to your diet today.

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