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Monday, February 13, 2012

South Beach Diet Phase 1 - Win the Battle

So you want to try and conquer the South Beach Diet Phase 1. Congrats! That's a big decision to make. We all know that the first phase is the hardest among all. No need to panic though, I am here to make it easier for you. Let's start by listing the food that you are allowed to eat. This includes nuts, seeds, vegetables, lean proteins and olive oil. As you can see this phase is here to eliminate all the harmful fats and carbohydrates from you eating menu.

OK, let's begin!

Get rid of unwanted food.

Get a trash bag and go search for all the food that is not in your approved list. Start with the fridge. There you will find most of your food that has no permission these two weeks. Don't think you throw money away, it's not like that. Imagine you throw body fat away, how does it sound now?

Also, I know you might have some secret compartments in your house with snacks and sweets. Go there and get rid of them too. You do it for you not for me!

Start shopping for replacements

Right now your house might be empty with food that you want to eat in the south beach diet phase 1. No worries head over to a grocery store and start picking up the food that you like and is allowed. As a word of caution: don't buy more than needed! Write a journal It might sound silly but I promise you it helps. Write down how you feel every day so when you finish you can look back and have a good laugh.

Eat out

You don't have to cook everyday. From time to time look for good restaurants and try out for example new recipes of chicken. For dessert if you think you're on the schedule you can have an apple, but no more than one!

All the coffee and tea in the world

In this phase you can have any amount of coffee and tea you like. But don't get overboard. It's not healthy to drink 1 liter of coffee a day. Also drink plenty of water so your toxins have an easier out.

More cardio, more happiness

You might know that cardio exercises are good for you health. It's true. But did you know it makes you happier too? That's what a recent study says. It claims that you can be up to 60% happier just by doing regular cardio exercises. That's great!

Stop after 2 weeks

Yes I know you knew. But I wanted to remind you. Going for more than 2 weeks can be harmful for your body since you need other nutrients too. All in all I think this is a good diet. Above all, I believe that you can make it through just because you took the time to read this article. My congrats!

Danielle is a person that loves to help others. She was overweight for many years but now that she resolved her weight problems, she is decided to help others too.

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