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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Think You Don't Have Motivation To Diet And Exercise? These 6 Quick Steps Will Prove You DO!

Motivation to diet and exercise is certainly hard to come by these days. With all the interferences of life and all the conveniences of life, it makes it VERY difficult to stay consistent and motivated. Also, most (not all) of these diet and exercise programs out here are certainly not making it any easier!

Are you struggling to stay motivated with diet and exercise? Do you find yourself giving up way too easily with your goals? Well, I have news for you. You DO have what it takes to get the body of your dreams! And don't let yourself or anyone else tell you otherwise! As a matter of fact, I'm going to prove it to you. Follow these steps below (and make sure you DO NOT read the end of the article until you are done all 6 steps)...

Step One - Okay, the first thing you have to do is go and get yourself a glass of cold water and drink all of it. Done? Great! Now it's time to move to step 2..

Step Two - Now stand up and do 5 jumping jacks. If they are too difficult for you to do at the moment completely, then just do 5 "half" jumping jacks. (You don't have to look like an athlete). Done? Continue...

Step Three - Alright, what to do next is JOG to your kitchen and find one food that is healthy and eat it. Finished eating? Continue (but don't leave the kitchen just yet)...

Step Four - Next, while you are in the kitchen, throw away one bad food that you may currently have in your house. This could be chips, cookies, cake, pie, candy, etc.

Step Five - Okay, now it's time to return back to your computer. Once you return, now type out 3 quick reasons why you want to get in shape and improve your health. Make sure it is in VERY large font and bold letters. Now print this out and put it somewhere to remind you everyday.

Step Six - Now SMILE!

Guess what? If you just did all six of those steps above, you just prove to yourself you DO have the motivation to diet and exercise... otherwise, you wouldn't have done those previous steps! Those 6 simple steps are my own little test to prove to people that they do have IT in them to persevere and improve their body and health. You could have just ignored them. But you didn't. You did them, and that proves you can stick to a diet and exercise program.

Speaking of "simple steps", that's the other thing. You don't have to have some complicated diet and exercise program to get the body of your dreams! Keep it simple, keep it natural, and keep at it!

Now yes, it doesn't take those 6 steps above to get in shape (lol), but again, it does prove that you do have the willpower to make changes. All you have to do to get that body you always wanted is:

A.) Make sure that whatever you do is 100% natural. And this goes for the diet program you choose and the exercise regimen you decide to do.

B.) Make sure that you are capable of doing the diet and fitness program without there being any complications. In other words, consult your physician prior to getting started and make sure you are doing exercises that are tailored for your current fitness level. As far as dieting is concerned, as long as the diet is 100% natural, you shouldn't have anything to be concerned with. But still check with your physician as a precaution. Especially if you have diabetes or some other type of medical concern.

C.) Make sure that you have your goal in place. Do you want to lose 15 pounds? 25 pounds? Lose belly fat? Get in shape for a wedding? Look good in a bathing suit? Etc. Having a CLEAR goal helps with getting more motivated.

D.) And then, it all comes down to being consistent. And that's because consistency brings results. And results bring MORE and MORE and MORE motivation!

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