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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Exercise Makes You Lose the Most Weight?

Use the most energy

The exercise that makes you lose the most weight would be the one that makes you use the most energy in the same amount of time. To compare apples with apples you have to have some ground rules to work this question out. Let us take a time period of 1 minute and always the same person that has a constant body mass. Now if we say exercise we need to be on the same page. We are going to say that an exercise is a few movements put together and then repeated over and over. Running, for example is the movement of your legs and arms and it's the same movement repeated over and aver. Another example would be a burpees. This exercise has three moves to it, and they are repeated over and over.

Sport is also an exercise but there are just too many variables in the equation to say how much energy you are using. For this reason we won't include sports. This doesn't mean sport won't help you lose weight.

Here are a few more variables you must consider. The amount of weight you are carrying will make you work harder than a lighter person if you do the same amount of reps in the same time and that's why we want the same person doing the exercise.

Energy used

We also know that the energy that we are going to use for this exercise comes from the food we eat. Everyone has an amount of food that they need to eat just to stay alive. Basically, if energy was an apple and we needed 5 apples a day to stay alive then if we only eat five apples a day we would not need to carry an extra apple for more energy. Now if you ate 6 apples a day, that extra apple would not be used and your body would store it until it was needed. To use that sixth apple in storage you need to use up all the other apples so that you have to look for more apples. Those apples are the energy sources and the stored apple is body fat. So the exercise you do must use up your energy source so that your body starts using the stored apple.

Gauge the intensity

To gauge the intensity of an exercise without any special equipment you can use you breathing patterns and how you feel.

· Low intensity

o Unless the outside temperature is high you shouldn't perspire.
o You should be breathing without even thinking about it.
o You should be able to talk and even sing without any trouble.

· Average intensity

o You should perspire after about 8 to 10 minutes.
o You notice you are breathing slightly quicker but you not panting.
o You are able to talk but singing would be a challenge.

· High intensity

o Perspire after only a few minutes.
o You start panting, you breathing is quick.
o You can't talk in long sentences and you don't even want to think about singing.

· Very high intensity

o Can't catch your breath.
o You have pain when breathing
o You just can't continue with the exercise

Which exercise should I use?

So we back to the first Question. The exercises that I prefer and these are my personal choice would be things like:

· Squats -any type so long as they are done properly.
· Burpees - any variation, as long as they are done properly.
· Lunges - any type so long as they are done properly.
· Mountain Climber.

Combine these in a circuit work out and they will help you burn energy and lose weight.

Remember to drink your water

Rodger Doust has been in the fitness field for more than 20 years. In this time he has trained athletes at international level and has played sport at national level. His web site promotes health and fitness for all ages. Go and learn more from his site at He is also a strong believer in diet and sport as a way to stay healthy.

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