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Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Makes Us Fat?

The fact is our body loves to store fat, any chance it gets. As a fitness instructor, I give my clients, plenty of information to help them become more aware of their dietary intake. I hope my explanation about what makes us fat can help you. Check out these reasons.

Some of the reasons the body stores fat are:

- High stress levels, encourages fat storage as the body stores it for emergency purposes.
- If we wait longer than 3 hours between meals, the body starts to store fat in preparation for potential famine that may come.
- If we eat more nutrients (calories) than needed in each meal, the body will store it as fat.

We have 50 million fat cells in our body in which fat can be stored, so if we know the body loves storing fat, we should stop eating high fat diets that are making us fat. It is what and when you eat that controls fat storage in your body.

Beware of hidden fats. All fats are 100% fat and have the same density in calories per gram. Although some fats are healthier than others, the consumption must still be limited as they can still make you fat!

There are 3 different sorts of fat -

• Saturated fat (bad fats) come in animal sources, such as red meat, fat and butter fat found in milk, cheese, ice cream etc...These fats should be limited or even avoided all together within your diet as they aid the liver in producing blood cholesterol, which leads to blocked arteries, heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure. The body actually produces 80% of our cholesterol levels on it's own, we don't need to give it any more to store.

• Polyunsaturated fats (better fats) come from fish and plant oils e.g. omega-3, although still fat and should be limited, help fight against heart disease.

• Monounsaturated fats (best fats) come from nuts such as cashews and almonds, as well as various seeds... Again still fat and should be limited, but they help to lower cholesterol and assists also in reducing heart disease. They provide essential fatty acids for healthy skin and body cell development, helps carry various vitamins through the body and responsible for hormone manufacturing in the body.

Fat can be found in foods such as butter, dairy, cakes, pastries, chocolate, oils etc...

So the fact is some fat is important in our daily diet but should be limited to only 10 - 15% for our calorie intake.

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