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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Going Vegetarian: A Weight Loss Diet Plan

People often think that in order to reduce weight, resorting to a weight loss diet that is vegetarian is the best way to go. Furthermore, the low carbohydrate diet has become so popular so much that most think that this is the best kind of vegetarian diet. However, research shows that a low carb diet is not, after all, the best. Now if you feel like this is the best diet for you, then you should include all types of vegetables to get the best results.

Now if you are thinking of a vegetarian weight loss diet and if you should try it out yourself, here are some guidelines that would be worth your while.

First, protein is important and it is needed by your body. These can be found in vegetables. Not a lot of people know about this - most believe that only meat contains protein. There are other sources of protein and it is not just meat. Some examples are nuts and soy and some meat substitutes. In fact, these often contain more protein and have lower saturated fat compared to meat.

Now, why is protein important? It is because protein help make our muscles strong. They are also digested slower than carbohydrates. This means that they are stored longer thus they are going to be useful when it comes to heavy physical activities.

Calcium should also be incorporated in your vegetarian weight loss diet. Not only does calcium strengthen our bones and teeth, it also contains fat that help you trim down nicely.

Also include fats in your vegetarian weight loss diet. While we all generally think that fats are what making us fat, there are certain kinds and amount of fat that will help us lose weight. For example, we get hungry when we intake dietary fat. On the other hand, we fill full when we intake saturated fat. However, keep in mind that too much of the latter is bad to our health.

The secret here is to have a balanced intake of fat. It is advisable to eat avocadoes and olives because they have unsaturated fat which is the healthy kind of fat. Avoid saturated fat because they can cause heart problems and other complications.

Now, vegetables contain a lot of carbohydrates which is healthy. But mind you, be watchful where you get your carbs from. If they come from sugar or starch, they will only make your feel hungry, prompting you to eat more.

Get your carbs from whole grains because they have more fiber which is good for your digestive system.

Lastly, be careful of too much soy. While it is true that it is rich in protein, they can also be dangerous when taken too much. As with most things, too much of one thing is bad.

There is no fool-proof weight loss diet, and not all diets work for everyone. Keep in mind that each person has a different metabolism and a different body structure. But you can always begin with taking everything with moderation.

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