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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss - Options For Weight Loss

This article explores the options for weight loss that are currently available. And why healthy eating for weight loss comes up as the number one leader.

Diet is probably the first favourite way to lose weight. However, this is one of the worst ways to lose weight as well as THE best way. Some of the worst ones leave you permanently hungry, make you lose water not fat, make you lose muscle mass rather than fat, even advocate unhealthy foods.

A lack of exercise is often blamed for weight gain. Granted, exercise makes you fitter and stronger and helps to make you more energetic and productive. But if you are still eating badly, then you will never reach your coveted target weight.

Diet pills are popular because people think they can get what they want without any effort. And the manufacturers of these pills are very happy to comply with your wishes and produce the goods. However, they are a waste of money. They don't address the problem. Pill-popping will do nothing for your health or your weight.

You could join a weight loss programme or hire a dietician. These measures can be helpful as long as they address your personal reason for excess weight. They make you accountable, which can be a great help. The down side is that they can be expensive.

You could have a stomach lap band fitted surgically. Apart from the cost being outside the scope of most people, are the effects worth it? There is no doubt that they reduce your intake of food, as they physically restrict the amount of food you can eat.

However, they don't do anything at all for your health. In fact they worsen it considerably. It is estimated that at least 26% of people suffer complications. They include problems with the band itself (discomfort, movement, leakage, infection, etc), the production of gallstones, reflux and hiatia hernias. Other complications include digestive problems such as bowel dysfunction, food getting trapped (which can be very painful), indigestion, intolerance to certain foods, nausea, vomiting (affects up to 70%) and distention. And these are just the problems you are likely to face in the short term.

Add to that, all surgery increases the risk of blood clots, bowel perforation, even pneumonia.

There is a saying that your consciousness (the way you think or your mind set) that created the problem cannot cure it. So to cure a problem long term, you need to change the way you think.

By educating yourself about what the unhealthy foods are and what the healthy foods are, you can achieve you weight goal and INCREASE your health. And all this inside everyone's budget.

Madeleine Innocent is a full time natural health consultant specialising in diet-for-health and homeopathy. She treats both people and animals within these two disciplines. She also coaches people both on- and off-line, on these subjects. For more information, visit: Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

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