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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is Acupuncture One of the Best Ways to Lose Stomach Fat?

Recently, acupuncture has become known throughout American culture as one of the most effective ways to lose stomach fat. For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using acupuncture to help individuals eliminate pain, give up smoking and lose weight quickly, along with several other benefits. Not only can the procedures help you shed a few pounds, acupuncture will help you stay skinny.

The first advantage for any person looking to slim down with acupuncture is the increase in energy that it provides. This new found energy can be used to exercise and burn off multiple calories. At the same time, sore muscles from working out can be removed with acupuncture. In fact, blood circulation is almost always improved throughout your entire body after experiencing acupuncture. Stress levels are decreased, along with triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol levels. Acupuncture is known to speed up a person's metabolism, causing carbs to burn much faster. On top of everything, hunger can be greatly reduced with a little acupuncture.

While medical research lacks scientific proof, feedback from multiple surveys have shown that the Chinese technique helps individuals regulate their sleep. Getting longer and deep shut-eye results in a better balanced lifestyle. And once your body is in a healthy and steady rhythm, shedding a few pounds is not difficult.

When you decide to try acupuncture to lose belly fat fast, five different needles are usually placed in each of your ears. While one is meant to relax your body, the other four needles are used to stimulate individual organs, like your liver, lungs, kidneys and nervous system. Each needle supposedly causes your body to create endorphins. These chemicals directly combat hunger, as well as stress and any withdrawal symptoms from cigarettes.

Besides the ears, various parts of your body can be used by a trained acupuncturist. The stomach is often targeted for obese men and women. Your mouth can get stuck with a thin needle if you happen to be a smoker that eats impulsively. Simple food addicts get needles aimed at their lungs, while the thyroid is pinpointed for folks with slow metabolisms. Pointing your acupuncture needles towards your endocrine helps to reduce water retention. Similarly, aiming for the kidney can reduce water retention, as well as quickly calm your nervous system. Finally, getting stuck in the spleen assists your body by balancing out its sugar and hormone imbalances, resulting in weight loss.

Unfortunately, acupuncture is not free of unwanted side effects. Upon occasion, patients get so dizzy that they faint right in the acupuncturist's office. If the tools are not properly sterilized, you run the risk of getting an infection from a contaminated needle. These dirty needles can cause hepatitis B and C, as well as harm to the skin where it was inserted. Meanwhile, you need to steer clear of acupuncture if you are taking blood thinners, rely on a pacemaker or any other electric device in your body. Otherwise, acupuncture can be one of the best ways to lose stomach fat.

Since I reached my 40s, my body has blown up like a balloon. I was becoming scared that I'd have a lethal heart attack at any given moment. I decided to ask my family doctor how to lose weight fast? He suggested the use of powerful HCG Injections, along with acupuncture to quickly see weight loss results. He even claims that they are the two best ways to lose stomach fat. That certainly sounds easy enough. Thanks Doc!

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