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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The 3 KILLER Mistakes Made When Starting A Diet That Causes Failure Within A Couple Of Weeks!

Are you ready to change your life and your body and get started on a diet plan to lose those stubborn pounds? Are you ready to do what it takes no matter what? Well, take it from me (since I had to learn the hard way), you MUST ensure you go into a diet program fully prepared or it is going to be inevitable that you'll end up failing.

For most people, failure will usually happen within the first couple of weeks by not being fully prepared. Having said that, there are 3 very common mistakes when starting a diet that will certainly ensure failure... and that's what I wanted to talk to you about today. But don't worry, I'm also going to share with you my own personal solutions to fix (or prevent) these mistakes so that you can either get back on track or start off on the right foot to a new YOU!

The First Mistake...

Not having a motivating plan to start a diet and exercise program. Now, what I mean by that is having a plan in place that is very motivating (such as losing 20 pounds in a month, fitting into your favorite dress by next month, being fit enough to compete in a marathon or some other type of physical event, etc).

Plans such as those are motivating and will certainly keep you focused on your goals... no matter what obstacles (and there WILL be obstacles) that come into your way. Simply saying "I just need to lose weight" or "I want to flatten my stomach" may not be motivating enough to keep you going. Make it a fun goal, an interesting goal, and I assure you, you will find it very motivating to stick to your program!

The Second Mistake...

Not including the basic principles of living healthy. This is a VERY common mistake. And this was one of the biggest mistakes I personally made myself.

Many people simply think that all they need to do is join some diet program or start doing some exercises... and that's all she wrote! This is certainly not the case. It takes more than just diet and exercise in order to get in shape. Now don't get me wrong, both of those things are VERY important (especially getting proper nutrition), but it takes more than just those things.

The other things you need to do are drinking plenty of water every day, getting plenty of sleep, decreasing your stress levels, cleansing your body of toxins, and taking recommended supplements (such as fish oil). Everything I just mentioned is EXTREMELY important to do along with a diet and exercise program. Otherwise, your results will be pretty minimal... and maybe no results at all.

The Third Mistake...

Not going on a reputable and 100% all natural diet. This mistake is what keeps the diet industry a billion dollar industry! Why is that you ask? Well, it's because people go on ineffective diets, fail, and then continue spending money or more ineffective diets, and the cycle continues! And diet companies don't care! They just keep getting richer and richer! Do you want to stop putting money into their pockets and start getting your money's worth and FINALLY get in shape? Well, the way to do that is to go on a 100% all natural diet.

A 100% all natural diet is a program that will not have you starve yourself, restrict foods, or do something that is just unhealthy and will cause your bodies metabolism to slow down. In fact, a natural diet will do the exact opposite. A natural diet will keep you feeling full, never have you feeling deprived, and will SKYROCKET your metabolism to the maximum peak. When I finally went on a natural program that increased my metabolism, not only did I drop an amazing 52 pounds in 8 weeks (without regaining one pound back), I also accomplished my goals easily, consistently, and it didn't even feel like I was on a "diet."

So here is how you can get started TODAY and Melt Away Fat LIGHTNING FAST... and 100% naturally. --> Head on over to and learn more about what I did to drop 52 pounds in 8 weeks!

There you'll learn more about the program I used and why it was so effective in helping me get in amazing shape... and how it can help you too get the body you have always wanted... VERY fast!

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