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Monday, April 2, 2012

9 Tips to Stay Slim This Holiday Season

1. Fill Up First- About an hour before you go to a holiday party or event, eat a nice crisp green salad, a bowl of fruit or fresh veggies. This will fill you up somewhat so that when you arrive to the party you will have less of an appetite. This is also a great counterbalance to less nutritional snacks you might want to try during your night out.

2. Sip On A Schedule- Another way to fill yourself up is to drink water. You can drink sparkling water if you like beforehand, one while your dining and one before desert. This will help you eat less of the dinner.

3. Tote Your Beverage- Always carry a low-cal beverage around with you at parties. You may want to try flavored water. This will help you keep your hands busy and away from the buffet or high calorie snacks on display for the taking.

4. Downsize Your Plate- It's a fact that if you eat from a smaller plate, you will eat less. The ideal size plate is a salad plate, and have at least half of the plate filled with veggies. One quarter can hold whole grains and the rest lean protein.

5. Go For the Crunch- Crunchy foods like carrot and celery sticks are excellent choices. It will keep you fingers and mouth busy with crispy low-calorie foods. You'll be less likely to indulge in less healthy choices.

6. Check Your Choices- We all know that crunchy foods tend to make us feel full, but the same is true of low-calorie foods that are high in water content. Some examples are cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, fish, whole grains & citrus fruits. A quick tip is that most people need to consume about 150 calories every 3 hours or so to keep from overeating.

7. Reduce the Pile- Even a smaller size plate can be filled high and carry a hefty calorie wallop. Keep the level of food on your plate to half an inch high or less.

8. Don't Go Hungry- Eat small, healthy meals or snacks of 150 calories or less several times per day. That way, you don't get to the point of wanting to gorge.

9. Take a Day Off- Reward yourself for eating healthy by having one day that you select during the holidays to eat the foods you like on that day. Go ahead and eat what you like! But when the day is over, it's time to return to eating normally. You can also incorporate this in your eating plan by designating one day of the week where you eat just one item you wouldn't ordinarily eat to reward yourself.

There you have it! These are my 9 tips for staying slim during the holiday season. Happy holidays to all of my readers!

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