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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Benefits of Gastric Band Surgery

Any weight loss surgery carries risks and the potential for complications, but gastric bands are considered amongst them to be simpler and pose a lower risk, meaning that any complication during or after the surgery is quite rare.

Typically, gastric band surgery results in a weight loss of about 50% of the patient's excess weight. The majority of this weight will be shed during the first year, and continues generally a consistent pace for about two years. This is a particularly large amount of weight loss considering the procedure does not permanently change the size of the stomach.

After this period, the weight loss will slow down and should stop as the body becomes used to the banding. As part of your treatment, specialists should help you implement a specific diet and exercise regime to help you maintain the weight loss and keep healthy.

Because the band is inserted through keyhole surgery, the procedure is much less invasive than other procedures and therefore the recovery time is significantly reduced. Typically, the average patients spends only one night in hospital, and is able to get behind the wheels of a car after about ten days.

As mentioned earlier, the band is not a permanent, irreversible procedure. As a result, the band can be removed at any time, leaving the stomach to return to its normal size.

In terms of diet, although a healthy regime is always recommended, the band itself does not limit the types of food the patient can eat, meaning that in effect you can eat what you like- of course, this is not necessarily the point of gastric band surgery.

Conditions related to carrying too much weight will also be alleviated by gastric band surgery. These include infertility, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and sleep apnoea.

For patients who are overweight or obese, the gastric band is an effective long term solution for weight loss. The band itself can be left in place indefinitely, or removed when no longer needed, and the surgeon is able to alter the band according to the requirements of the patient. Additionally, the band has no risks associated with it when used long term.

Ultimately, the most obvious benefit for patients of weight loss surgery is the sense of increased self-esteem that they experience after the weight starts to drop off. This leads to an increase in energy, and a renewed sense of worth, as well as a more positive approach to life and their relationships with family and friends.

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