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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Best Way To Weigh Yourself - 8 Steps To Step Off A Scale WITHOUT Feeling Discouraged

Do you find yourself stepping off the scale only to get more discouraged with your diet and exercise goals? Do you keep getting numbers that just doesn't make sense (like weighing one weight today and then weighing a few pounds more the next day)? Do you want to FINALLY start getting more accurate measurements and FINALLY start getting motivated with seeing progress on the scale? Take 3 1/2 minutes out of your day and read this article here to discover 8 steps that make up the best way to weigh yourself to avoid getting discouraged! In other words, these steps will ensure you see progress!

*Please Take Note* - To ensure you get the best number possible, it is best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning. Also, it's best to follow all the steps below in order to ensure the best results.

Step One - Get a digital scale that has multiple readings such as body fat, your current weight, how much water is in your body, and also will show you the decimal of pounds you have lost (such as 150.8 pounds). These types of scales are very accurate, and they are also VERY motivating since you have many ways to see progress to keep you encouraged. Maybe you didn't lose a pound, but you may have lost.5 pounds. Maybe you didn't lose any weight, but your body fat percentage decreased. Etc.

The Following Steps Deal With The Day And Night BEFORE You Weigh Yourself

Step Two - Avoid causing excess water weight. This means not drinking enough water. This means drinking water BUT also consuming too much sodium. And this means eating processed foods (which retains water). Having excess water weight will certainly make that scale say something FAR off from what you are expecting or hoping for!

Step Three - Eat a healthy and very clean dinner with minimal carbohydrates (including healthy carbs such as fiber).

Step Four - Avoid eating anything too late at night (which is roughly around a few hours before going to bed). Otherwise you'll slow your metabolism down while you sleep.

The Following Steps Deal With Now Weighing Yourself In The Morning (AS SOON AS YOU AWAKE)

Step Five - Prior to weighing yourself, wear light clothing as much as possible.

Step Six - Do not drink or eat anything prior to weighing yourself.

Step Seven - Go to the bathroom to relieve yourself. *This step is very important since urine and waste can add on extra pounds*.

Step Eight - NOW weigh yourself! From day-to-day, watch how more accurate and more LOWER the numbers on the scale start to be by following those steps above!

BONUS TIP #1 - Detoxify your body. It is a good chance you may be holding several pounds of toxins in your body that's putting weight on you. To naturally detox, I recommend drinking PLENTY of fresh water everyday, stay away from processed foods, eat as clean and natural as possible, get plenty of natural antioxidants in your diet (such as berries and green tea), and moderately increase your fiber intake.

BONUS TIP #2 - To see that scale move like crazy, it's best to go on a diet that increases your metabolic rate. These types of diets cause EXTREME weight loss and fat loss because they are designed to manipulate your metabolism into running as fast as possible all day long. The faster and more consistent your metabolism is running, the faster and more consistent you are going to lose pounds of fat!

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