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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Changing the Types of Food You Eat Can Help to Reduce Your Calorie Intake

As everybody knows your fat has a tendency to increase because you are ingesting significantly more calories than you actually require. The simple solution is to reduce the volume you consume but this will as likely as not leave you feeling hungry. A far better solution is to look at the kinds of foods you are consuming and try to substitute a few of them with healthier alternatives that contain fewer calories and are less likely to make you put on weight.

You are apt to discover that in reality some very insignificant adjustments to your usual eating routine could have a major impact on your unwanted fat. Once you take a while to learn about a number of the changes that you can implement and then decide to act upon them you could well be astonished at how easy it can be to become slimmer.

By substituting one food for another in lieu of simply reducing the quantity you consume you will avoid having hunger pangs and will be less inclined to eat between meals and will as a result be less likely to fail.

I have listed five fairly minor adjustments that you can look at making initially.

Stop consuming white bread and eat whole meal bread instead

Many of the nutrients are removed in the manufacturing process when white bread is made in order to improve its shelf life. Whole grain bread is an excellent source of vitamins, fibre and folic acid and is far more nutritious than white bread. Whole grain bread is digested more slowly than white bread which means you feel satiated for longer.

Look carefully at what dairy products you eat

Dairy products are generally high in calories though they are high in calcium. When purchasing milk, cheese and butter try exchanging the full fat version with the low-fat version.

Soft drinks and colas

On the whole fizzy drinks are very high in calories and sugar and need to be avoided if you want to slim down. If you find it hard to give up these kinds of drinks then select the diet options that generally contain very few calories by comparison. A far better option altogether is to consume water which contains no calories at all. If you are attempting to lose weight you should consider drink up to 8 glasses of water daily as it will help to make you feel satisfied thereby reducing your wish to eat.

Replace processed foods with natural alternatives

The vast majority of processed foods and ready meals contain a high calorie and fat content. A healthier alternative is to eat foods that are made up of natural ingredients. Fresh fish, vegetables and fruit are an extremely good choice if you are trying to lose weight.

Fresh salad

Salads made up of fresh ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes and fruit are an excellent choice as part of a weight loss diet. Avoid using salad dressings. Even the 'healthy options' dressings are usually high in calories. If you really find it difficult to eat salad without a dressing measure out a tiny portion and put it in a dish beside your plate instead of coating the whole salad in the serving dish, by doing this you are able to control the amount you actually consume.

Attempt to cut down on your food intake

In addition to food substitution it is a good idea to try and reduce your overall food consumption.

If you seriously want to lose weight it is imperative that you get into the habit of practicing portion control. If you cut down the volume of food you consume you are taking the first step towards becoming slimmer. Always look for healthy options alternatives for the food you eat as this will also help to reduce the number of calories that you consume overall.

One of the main problems you need to face if you want to reduce your weight is the sensation of hunger. Weight reduction usually involves eating less food and this can leave you feeling hungry. If you swap some of the foods you consume for healthier options you can continue to eat the same amount of food as before but still cut your calorie consumption.
There are also weight reduction pills available that act as hunger suppressants allowing you to feel full even though you have consumed less. If you wish to lose weight with pills appetite suppressants are probably one of the most effective types of weight loss pills available.

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