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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Does African Mango Really Work In A Diet Program?

Nowadays, there have been many supplemental diet pills that have been introduced in the market and most of them are claiming to be effective in losing weight. But actually, not all of them have been proven to be very effective as a dietary supplement. The introduction of the African Mango (AM) Supplement in the market raised questions of its effectiveness in losing weight or is it just another scam? Does AM really work in a diet program?

African Mango is locally raised in Cameroon, West Africa and has been used as a healing fruit for many years because of the healing properties that it posses. The fruit also gives them enough energy by burning fats. So, how does African Mango really work in a diet program? Aside from its aid in burning fat, the fruit can also lower the levels of cholesterol. It also helps relieve a person's need to eat by making him or her feel full which means the food intake will be lessened. The fruit also has an effect by controlling the hormone called Leptin which has a big part in metabolizing fats. It controls the Leptin by sending the brain a message that there are excess fats in the body. So with the help of this product, a lot of people who wants to loose weight can really benefit from it.

African Mango also stimulates another hormone called Adiponectin. This hormone has a role in stimulating good cholesterol and taking out bad cholesterol. This hormone also controls the assimilation of blood sugar, takes out the oily tissues in the liver and blood insulin. This hormone further functions by increasing a person's metabolic activities by converting stored fat into useful body energy.

Now this fruit has been made into a supplementary diet pill that still contains the essential element which helps a person lose weight. This element is the Iringvia Gabonensis extract. This makes African Mango Pill apart from other dietary supplement pills. AM Pill has very high level of antioxidants that helps boost immune system and gives out healthier hair and skin. The manufacturers also added green tea extract to assist and increase the metabolic rate of the body. The side effects of this product are yet to be known since it has just been recently introduced in the market. But the best thing in AM Pill is that it is organic and natural.

So, to answer the question: Does AM really works in a diet program? Well, the answer is nothing but a big YES! Studies regarding its effectiveness in diet program showed positive results. One study involved two groups of people wherein both groups were allowed to go on with their usual dietary routine. The first group was then given African Mango Pill while the other group was given another brand of diet pill which also contains a mango extract as dietary supplements. When the results came, the first group did lose weight and further realized their cholesterol and sugar levels dropped. The second group on the other hand showed no changes or anything at all.

By looking at the results, African Mango Pill not only helps a person lose weight but it also has stability effect on the sugar and cholesterol levels. These results should be enough proof that African Mango really does work in a diet program.

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