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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fat Loss 4 Idiots A Quick Review of This Diet Plan And Results When Combined With Home Work Outs

This report on Fat Loss 4 Idiots reviews this unique weight loss program and how when combined with an easy home exercise program it can result in quick, easy, permanent weight loss.

How Do People Become Overweight

There are two basic reasons people become overweight. First, they are not eating the right foods and they take in the wrong types of calories when they do eat. Also, they, most likely, have established wrong daily eating patterns.

Another important reason for overweight is the fact that overweight people typically are not exercising. Even moderate exercise can keep weight off, particularly when it is combined with decent eating habits.

The Right Weight Loss System

The first step in losing weight is to find a fat loss system you can live with. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is an easy to follow, unique weight loss system that you may want to consider. It is based on the idea that your brain controls the release of fat burning hormones after each meal. When you eat you release 2 types of hormones into your bloodstream that control fat burning and fat storage.

This diet program centers on the idea of controlling these fat burning hormones by showing you how to eat the right foods at the right times. It is deigned to manipulate these hormones so that after each meal your body will produce a greater quantity of the fat burning hormones thus minimizing the fat storing hormones. People on this diet eat more than three times a day for an eleven day period. The goal is to alter the fat hormones correctly which is the result from eating that often.

This diet system also uses, what they call, "calorie shifting". A person on this program gives their body different types of calories each day. The idea is to confuse the body's metabolism. It takes several days for the body to "sense" this change. Then the body begins burning extra fat tissue which should result in super fast weight loss. This makes it possible to change your body and lose as much as nine pounds over eleven days.

A Modest Home Exercise Program To Support Your Weight Loss

This is a home exercise program that will support your Fat Loss 4 Idiots system and get you into better shape without joining a public gym.

All you need to do is find 30 minutes per day you can devote to exercise and you will see noticeable differences in just a few weeks time. Listed below are a few of the best home exercises:

Climb Stairs: Climbing stairs is a fast way to get in some cardio just like they do at the gym on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical machines. Stair running can be just as effective, if not even more effective, than running to helping burn off body fat.

Run up and down the stairs three to four times in a row and then take a 45 second rest and walk around at a slow pace. Then repeat this process another four to five times and you will have an absolutely fantastic fat burning workout.

Jumping Rope: If you do not like the idea of running up and down your stairs, then go back to your childhood and jump rope. Here again, jumping rope is an intense calorie burner, allowing you to burn even more calories than a fast run would. Be a little patient with yourself with this exercise because it can take some getting used to.

Try jumping for a minute or so then rest for the same period of time. Repeat this ten to twelve times. If it is too hard try skipping for the same amount of time and you will get the same effect.

Get A Set Of Adjustable Dumbbells: If you want to firm your body up fast, getting a set of adjustable dumbbells is just the ticket. You can do various exercises that will target specific areas of the entire body. Such as squats, shoulder presses, chest presses, bent over rows, as well as bicep curls, triceps extensions, and lateral raises.

Try to do eight to twelve reps of each exercise moving to each one as quickly as you can. Rest for two minutes and then do them through one more time and you'll quickly start seeing more muscle definition.

Resistance Bands: If don't like dumbbells, then buy an inexpensive set of resistance bands. They are popular among people that choose to workout at home because they can stow easily in a drawer when you are not using them.

You can do virtually the same exercises as with dumbbells. Hold each end of the resistance band in either of your hands and you can do squats, shoulder presses, chest presses, bicep curls, lateral raises, and bent over rows. Follow the same suggested workout route as with the dumbbells.

While there are many ways to lose weight, this Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review has presented a weight loss system that is easy and effective. If you can combine this plan with doing your training exercises twice per week and your cardio workout twice per week, you will have a killer formula that will get and keep the body you seek and need.

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