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Friday, April 27, 2012

Focus on Your Health and the Weight Will Take Care of Itself

For most people that are over-weight, whether they know it or not, food addiction is their problem; they are controlled by food. The underlying reasons for this are many, low self-esteem one of the most common. How then do we address this addiction to food and address the issue of being over weight?

In order to successfully lose weight and improve your appearance you must change your focus from weight loss to becoming healthier, you need to address your eating, you need to address your lifestyle and then your weight loss and appearance will take care of it self. If you continually obsess about the way you look then you will not beat temptation nor will you be able to maintain any changes that you hope to make and you will continue to succumb to food.

Your goal must be to become healthier and to become happier.

Once you change your goal and stop fixating with the way you look and understand that your health should be your main concern then you will find that you will be willing to do a lot more to better yourself.

A common stumbling block for dieters or someone trying to lose weight is the dreaded weight scale. Far too many people are in the habit of checking their weight every day or every week. There is no need to check your weight that often. The problem with weighing your self so frequently is that the number on the scale becomes the determining factor in whether you are failing or succeeding. From personal experience I can say that when I was trying various diets and when my sole goal was to lose weight I would become extremely de-motivated if I did not see a substantial weight difference every time I weighed myself. In turn it was this disappointment that often caused me to give up on which ever diet I happened to be on.

Once you have changed your focus to your overall health than the way you feel will become your measure of success. When my diet had improved I would judge my success on how healthy my body felt. If I wasn't feeling bloated, if I was full of energy, if I wasn't eating out of boredom then I knew my lifestyle was better then it used to be and I knew I was succeeding.

Please note that I am not saying you should forget about weight loss all together. Your weight is probably what has motivated you to want to make changes to your lifestyle, you may not be happy with how you look in the mirror or in certain clothes, however it should not be your priority. Your health should come first.

Another important part of this change in mindset is education, educating yourself on the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Again using myself as an example, when I was over weight I would rarely include vegetables in my diet. However once I had made my health a priority I began to read and educate myself on the benefits of different types of vegetables. We all know vegetables are good for us, but do we know why? Once I started to read about the nutritional benefits and the long-term benefits such as the prevention of certain types of diseases, I found it a lot easier to include vegetables as part of my daily food consumption.

Educate yourself about your health, about what you are doing to your body by leading an unhealthy lifestyle and you will be motivated to change.

My final piece of advice to you if you wish to improve your health and lose weight is to understand that you should be in control. Do not become a victim to your cravings or to your temptations. Food is your problem, the amount you consume is the problem, you must accept that you can and should decide what you put into your body. Feel empowered and take control of your lifestyle and your choices. Next time you are thinking about indulging in food that you know is bad for you don't tell yourself you 'can't eat' it or you 'shouldn't eat it', instead decide that it is your choice not to eat it. This way you are not restricting your self or depriving yourself, rather you are making a choice and you will not let food control you.

Once you are healthier YOU WILL LOOK AND FEEL GREAT!

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