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Friday, April 20, 2012

Get This One Habit Under Control To Lose 5 Pounds

My friend Lynda came to me because she wanted to lose 5 pounds. She told me that she didn't eat much fat, ate her fruit and veggies, drank water and exercised. So she couldn't understand why she couldn't lose 5 pounds no matter what she did. She had extra weight that she didn't like carrying around even though she was doing all those healthy things for her body.

So I asked her to write down every single morsel of food that went into her mouth for a 24 hour period on a regular day.

Sure enough, Lynda was eating the healthy meals she said she was. But, the BIG BUT, was what I refer to as: "the BLT's". The "BLT's are defined as the: Bites, Licks, and Tastes that you eat unconsciously during your day. Lynda was consuming a whopping 600 to 700 extra calories per day. She would do things like: finish the glass of milk from her son's breakfast drink, eat the last bite of toast, drink coffee with cream at work and then pop 3 Hershey kisses into her mouth from her co-worker's desk, plus eat the rest of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich her son left from his lunch box. Then add in the sample's offered at the grocery store and that on last oreo cookie left in the bag. It all started to add up. And of course, most of these "BLT's" were high in sugar and fat. Leading to more and more desires for the sugary foods.

This mindless eating seems to be a specialty of women. We taste test our food as we cook it,we take just a bite off our husbands plates, we finish our kids lunches so as not to "waste" the food. I say its better in the waste can than on your waist! By adding those extra hidden calories every day, day in day out, can lead to a 5 pound weight gain in as little as 5weeks. Do the math: 700 calories per week equates to 3500 calories in 5 weeks, which is the amount of calories to gain a pound. So that can lead to a 5 pound gain every 25 weeks if that habit continues.

In order to lose 5 pounds, you just need to reverse this habit! That's all you need to do. Jus make a conscious effort to not eat anything in between meals and you will lose 5 pounds easily and effortlessly.

If you don't want to have a huge void from abstaining from your bad habit, replace it with a new good habit. Since Lynda was a believer in not wasting food, I recommended a new strategy for her: to place all those "BLT's" in a closed plastic bag or clear bottle and keep in her refrigerator or freezer so she could visually see how those calories were adding up. Then once a week she could put it into her compost pile and she now is creating good food and nourishment for her garden. And she is not wasting a thing!

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