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Monday, April 30, 2012

HCG Diet: Why Dieters Fail to Stabilize in Phase 3

Phase 3 of the hCG diet is the most critical phase of the entire protocol which determines long term-weight loss. The purpose of Phase 3 Stabilization is to reset your metabolic rate and stabilize within 2 pounds of your ending phase 2 weight. Once regular foods are introduced, many dieters tend to throw everything out the window by over-indulging and eating whatever is available. Do not do this! You will throw away all that you have worked so hard for in phase 2.

You have been eating 500-800 calories for the last 23-40 days and must use caution. Most dieters will stabilize within the first 10 days but some may take longer. Even if you stabilize in the first 10 days, it is important to stay on track for the full 21 required days. Phase 3 stabilization works best if the dieter is aware that reducing stress to the hypothalamus gland in the brain is the key to locking in your last dose weight. The dieter can prevent this stress by avoiding sugars, starches, grain breads, AND nuts, beans and limiting most dairy. Dieters that have followed a 500 VLCD or an 800 VLCD that have utilized genuine hCG can benefit by not over-indulging on the limited allowable foods.

The stabilization information from the original 500 VLCD was written by a British doctor over 50 years ago. There is very little information in the original protocol about phase 3 so it is vague and open for interpretation. Dieters are often uncertain on how to effectively follow the phase 3 suggestions and many fear they will gain the weight back.

Effective stabilization, preventing chronic correction days, avoidance of unnecessary additional rounds and the possibility of gaining any weight back can be achieved if nuts, beans and most dairy are removed from the allowable choices and of course sugars and starches. Many dieters have reported they were unable to stabilize correctly in phase 3 and gained an average of 20 pounds back because they over-indulged on the wrong foods. This causes the dieter to become very frustrated and succumb to repeating another round.

It is very important and absolutely necessary for dieters to track their daily caloric food intake. In the event that a mishap were to occur either on purpose or by error, a record of your daily menu will help to keep you accountable and on track. Over-indulging is the most common reason why dieters do not stabilize in phase 3. The few simple changes that I have suggested will assist you in locking in your new current weight.

Sonia Russell, LPN is a licensed nurse and professional hCG diet coach. Sonia has authored several HCG diet books including the HCG Diet 800 Calorie Protocol. The improvements to Phase 3 Stabilization were developed in 2007 by Sonia and her team of medical professionals, and tested on patients over a 3 year period in the clinical setting.

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