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Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Lose Weight Eating Whatever You Want!

So you want to be able to eat whatever you want while staying trim? No problem!

The answer is really, really simple. It's called Intermittent Fasting. Fasting is a period of time of abstaining from something. For example, some religious groups fast from entertainment and anything that is sinful for special occasions. In this case though, we are going to fast from food and drinks with calories. That means the allowable drinks are those without calories like water, tea, coffee, and artificially sweetened colas. (Although there are many studies that show fake sweeteners are no good for our health.)

The goal is to go 18 hours during this fasting session. Then you can literally eat whatever you want. Although eating nothing but cake isn't the picture of a healthy diet, you would still lose weight - guaranteed! Crazy right? Want to know how it works? Read on...

This "secret" is no more secret than the sky is blue. Every animal on earth knows how to keep itself trim and healthy. When a dog gets sick or hurt, it stops eating. When an animal is overweight and you don't tempt it with human food, it will refuse all of its natural food in order to lose the weight. The body of a dog, and the body of a human is not made to be overweight. That is a symptom of our 24 hour-convenient-store-on-every-corner lifestyle that allows us to eat limitless calories all day LONG! In the wild, we humans would have never had round-the-clock access like that to food!

Once you realize this, the answer becomes very simple. Stop eating non-stop all day every day and you will lose weight! Turn off the Government propaganda Machine (TV & mass media) that tell you to eat 6 meals a day every three hours. They are bought and paid for by the big Food industry that have a FINANCIAL INTEREST in making sure you eat their food all day long - DUH! Remember where you heard that if you stop eating you go into "starvation mode." Well, chances are it was a person trying to sell you their food, and/or products!

So how long do you have to do this to see a result? Honestly, it's usually based on your eating pattern right now. If you eat 3 or more meals a day, this will work INSTANTLY. 10 lb the first week isn't uncommon! If you skip breakfast and eat lunch and dinner this will still work great only it won't happen as quickly as the person who is eating more frequently.

There are some people that are metabolically damaged (diabetes and high blood pressure, etc) that will react even more slowly to this process, but they WILL REACT. Their body has seen years of abuse and overuse of their doughnut-an-hour addictions. Nevertheless, it is astounding what the body will do when you only free it! Let nature take its course, she knows far better than any of today's leading "scientists" who so desperately try to learn her secrets!

Try it today! Your lean life awaits.

I lost weight this way
All my friends did too

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