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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is Walking to Lose Weight Possible?

When you look at different Internet sites you are going to notice many different recommended methods to achieve weight loss. Some are more effective than others but one that does keep popping up in many places is walking to lose weight. Is it possible to simply walk and end up losing those extra pounds that have been making you feel ugly and unattractive?

The truth is that walking to lose weight can be incredibly effective. Unfortunately the huge problem is that you will not get really fast results and if you do not combine this with proper nutrition you are going to fail in reaching your goal. In fact, the most important factor to think about is what you need. The trick is to consume a little more calories than what you are taking in. This will bring in constant and healthy weight loss. The results will not be as fast as most people want but the safety of this method is the highest possible.

Walking to Lose Weight Tricks

There are different walking to lose weight tricks that you might want to use. We are only going to talk about 2 that are sometimes neglected. The first one is to think about incline walking to lose weight. This is a lot more intense than walk on flat surfaces. You can do this in the gym or even walk up a nearby hill. The incline treadmill is much more suitable for most people though and we recommend that you try to walk at least 20 minutes daily. In most cases people start noticing results in around 4 weeks. Remember to take a break in one day per week in order to allow your body some rest though.

The second tip that we want to present is related to breathing. While you are walking to lose weight you should breathe deeply. This is because an increase in oxygen intake will generate a higher rate of calorie burning. For every single minute that you walk there is a need to stop and take a very deep breath. Just inhale for around five seconds, hold it in and then exhale for another five seconds. We already said that you need to walk for around 20 minutes so this means around 20 deep breathing stops.

The bottom line is that walking does work and it helps out a lot in losing weight. The problem is that it is not enough. Just look at the world around you. There are millions of people that walk more than 20 minutes daily and they do not lose weight even if they use the tips above. This happens because of one really easy to understand reason: improper nutrition.

We live in a world where fast food is accepted as a good meal and this just adds calories that turn into fat. In addition, people can easily get bored because of doing the same things every day. Always mix up your routines and if you are walking to lose weight you will need to try and do it in different areas so that boredom does not kick in.

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