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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lemonade Diet And Its Side Effects

Lemonade Diet was originally written about by Stanley Burroughs in his "The Master Cleanser" publication. Though it has been around since 1940s, it has recently come into fashion with people searching the internet for a fast way to lose weight. Being known originally as "The Master Cleanser" as the proper name implies, a way to cleanse your system and in the process you'll lose some weight along the way. You don't eat on this diet. No joke. This is what Burroughs referred to as a modified juice fast. This diet has 3 regimens, the Morning Phase, the Day Phase, and the Night Phase.

For Morning Phase: Each and every morning, one following the Lemonade Diet will consume 8 oz. water stirred lovingly with 2 teaspoons of salt OR a cup of herbal laxative tea.

For Day Phase: You are instructed to treat yourself to 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade spread out over the course of the day. The lemonade should be created from some type of pure water - spring, bottled or some sort as tap water will interfere with how effective this will be for your 'cleanse' process. Mixed into this purest of waters you'll add the juice of freshly squeezed lemons (I imagine organic would be better, though there is no mention of this), organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The proportions are largely left up to you as I imagine this concoction will hit different people in different ways or at least different degrees of severity.

For the Night Phase: This phase will only require a little laxative tea before you go to sleep. Once you get the formula down, simply do the same thing every day for no less than 10 days and that's it. It's said that you can safely stay on this diet for 40 days, but will start to become concerned about excessive muscle loss and nutrient deficiencies.

What are the side Effects?

Like any other fast diets, Lemonade Diet also has its side effects. While engaging in this diet, you will need to be a little aware and conscious about some of the minor short-term side effects that are common with this diet. This may include finding yourself more tired than you usually are. This is obviously due to the sudden lack of nutrition that your body is receiving since you are not eating at all. You are also likely to experience some degree of dizziness and dehydration on this diet dehydration while I can almost guarantee you will feel nauseous throughout this diet plan.

This is not a diet that would be recommended by any nutritionist. With that out of the way, yes, you will lose weight on this diet if you can stick to it and are not too embarrassed or nervous of the side effects. Let's face it, you're not eating. You'll lose weight in a bit of a hurry. Be warned, though, this temporary weight loss will be just that, temporary, if you don't go on a responsible longer term diet plan after completing this program.

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