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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lemons Are One of the Best Foods for Weight Loss

It's a medical fact that lemons are one of the greatest foods for weight loss. Simply squeeze some into your drinking water, tea or salad dressing, and you can begin to quickly lose belly fat. Doing so will help lift the strain that being overweight puts on your heart and kidneys, as well as on your joints. Thinning down with low-calorie lemons and their tart juice also assists you in preventing diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure.

Specialists have created an ideal routine for using lemons to quickly get skinny. When you wake up in the morning, simply squeeze some fresh lemon juice into some water. Drink it all down to wake up your digestive tract before you eat any other foods. When lunchtime rolls around, rely on the fruit juice over your salad. Simply mix some lemon juice with olive oil. Then you can add some salt and pepper for a tasty salad dressing. Depend on lemons for your afternoon snack, rather than fattening potato chips from the vending machine. Just peel the citrus fruit and throw it into a blender with pure maple syrup and water for a delicious mid-day pick-me-up. At the dinner table, squeeze a fresh lemon over your fish, poultry and veggies, either before or after cooking, in order to add some fresh flavor to your meal. Throughout the day, you can sip on mineral water or tea with small pieces of the fruit, if not lemon juice added to the drink. Doing so is certainly better for losing weight than any drinking any diet soda on the market.

Lemons are beneficial for more than just weight loss, and adding flavor to your food and drinks. The fruit fights off bacteria and viruses, while cleansing your liver. Meanwhile lemons boost your immune system, as they are rich in cancer and inflammation fighting vitamin C, citric acid, calcium, magnesium and pectin. The high amounts of Vitamin P in the piece of produce strengthen the blood vessels and help to prevent any internal hemorrhaging. There is also plenty of potassium to assist your heart. The diuretic can even aid in keeping healthy teeth and bones. Upset stomachs are put to rest, intestinal worms are killed off, and even hepatitis can be treated with the citrus fruit. Meanwhile, both gout and rheumatism can be fought off with lemons. At the same time, lemons are inexpensive and readily found at just about any grocery store in the nation.

You want your lemons to be a juicy as possible, so search for firm and heavy pieces of the citrus fruit with no blemishes. When you are ready to eat one, it's best to scrape off the skin with a knife. The skin can then be used over salads, poultry, fish and desserts. After all, the skin possesses the most flavor. An easy trick to serving the citrus fruit is to keep it at room temperature for no more than 2 weeks' time. Regardless, healthy lemons can last for over a month in your fridge.

Now that I am middle-aged, I cannot get skinny. I am growing a double-chin and a big beer belly. In other words, I am becoming downright fat. I began to fear for my health. So I asked my family doctor how to lose weight fast? He suggested powerful HCG Injections to slim down, along with the right foods for weight loss, such as vegetables. He claims that lemons are ideal for helping my weight loss efforts. That certainly sounds easy enough. Thanks Doc!

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