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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lose Weight With The Subtraction Diet

Whatever your reasons, for many of us Americans being on a permanent diet has become a way of life. I'm in my mid 40's and food just doesn't metabolize in my body the way it used to. I've been in denial about that for a long time and have put on several pounds. I'm 100% focused on taking care of my body now. It's a little late, but not too late. For older folks watching your intake has to become a lifestyle. Am I saying anything that you don't know already? Probably not. If you're young and active then you really don't get it, yet. If your middle-aged or later, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Cookies at lunch and a bowl of ice cream for dinner are certainly a thing of the past. I've had most of my weight loss success with eating less per sitting, but eating more often. I've recently run across a simple concept diet that if followed can certainly get you on track to start your weight loss program. It is the "Subtraction Diet". Simply stated you are starting with breakfast being your largest intake to get our metabolism furnace burning correctly. Breakfast includes a simple, lean protein, a whole grain complex carbohydrate, calcium, and a couple servings of fruit and or vegetables. I have made this possible in my diet with old fashioned oatmeal, egg whites on a bed of a generous helping of your favorite salsa, and a glass or non-fat milk. Lunch includes everything from breakfast except the calcium. I will typically eat tuna in water with drizzled olive oil, balsamic vinegar and dried cranberries. Dinner excludes the carb. This is of course difficult especially in the beginning. Trust me, this gets easier as you train your body to stop craving the dinner potatoes and desserts.

You will need to also combine the standard "weight loss" elements such as exercise and calorie moderation. I do know this simple process has worked for me and has set me on my way to fighting the battle of middle aged bulge. One large benefit to the Subtraction Diet is that you don't have to sacrifice when going out to eat with the work gang. You don't have to bring your own pre-packaged diet meals that are provided with online diets. No scales or calculators just take away one element per meal and enjoy the results.

My name is Skip Foster and I am a middle aged man on a weight loss mission. Experts will tell you to make sure you have a weight loss partner, or someone who knows you are on a diet to hold you accountable. I decided to not only tell my family, but start a progress blog as well. I am not a nutritionist, or a dietitian. I am, however, a personal connoisseur of weight loss programs and books. My personal blog is located at This is a lifelong journey and has become a lifestyle for me as it should be. I hope I can continue to be of help to you as you walk your journey of health and wellness.

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