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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Missing Link in Weight Loss (Part 2)

Simple Steps to Rapidly Burn Fat (Part 2)


Resistance training is one of the most effective forms of exercise in terms of increasing your metabolism during and after the training sessions.

Research has shown that the body's metabolism can stay raised for 24-48 hours following an intense workout. Weight training works much better than endurance type training in generating the extra calories burned after exercise. The body is burning calories just by repairing itself from the stimulation you gave it.

Essentially you are burning calories and fat off of the clock.

Proper weight training will raise your metabolism through:

-Calories burned during the session

-Calories burned after the session

-Increasing or maintaining lean muscle tissue (lean muscle is active tissue, which burns calories just staying alive)

Think of yourself like an athlete stepping onto the field or onto the court. You want to focus on performing your best to win in the game of reshaping your body. A better performance leads to a better body!

Cardio-respiratory training also increases metabolism and calorie burn both during and after exercise. The cardio-respiratory system is called into action to either sustain or recover from all physical activity.

To skyrocket your fitness levels and calories burned during and after cardio, you want to do interval training.

Interval training is the best for increasing excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This is a condition where you increase the amount of oxygen needed for the workout and the recovery from the workout.

Your metabolism stays up after training above what it was before the workout while your body continues to burn calories at rest using up extra oxygen to refill energy supplies, and decrease the body's temperature.

Research has shown that the greater the intensity of the training session the higher the level of EPOC. Intensity can be measured by looking at your percentage of maximum heart rate.

It has also been shown that separating the workouts into two sessions of equal time increases EPOC even more. So splitting your sessions in half makes great sense to get the highest benefit from EPOC. You may, do two shorter cardio sessions in a given day, instead of one long cardio session.

Interval training is basically alternating between different levels of intensity during your exercise session. You can do segments of varying distances or times to add a new stimulus to your workout.

Again, think of an athlete on the court or in the field, they are constantly doing intervals-running, stopping, jumping, walking, and running again. You want to mimic what top athletes do. Their physique proves to you the benefits of interval training.

So, go out there and be the athlete you are and your body will thank you.

Everyone has unique desires that bring them great excitement, joy and fulfillment. It is my intention to help people take rapid action and stay consistent in order that they may live their dream.

"No matter where you are in life, you have the power to re-invent yourself the second you choose to." -Jason Scott Johnson.

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