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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rapid Fat Loss That Is Ideal for You

Are you in need of having rapid fat loss? Let me guess, you're attending a party or something of that sort. Have I guessed it right? Then you have come to the right page. (Well, even for those people not attending a party but those who simply want to lose weight fast). This article is intended to let you know how to lose fat in the fastest way possible.

The Science of fat loss

Before I teach you how, I will first let you know of the basic concepts of energy consumption of our body. The idea is that our body needs energy to sustain the activities going on inside it and even outside. We get this energy from the food we eat, the primary source of which is carbohydrates-rich food like bread, rice, potatoes, cereals and the like. Once we ingest carbohydrates in our body, this is then converted to glucose which is the primary fuel of our cells. Now, where in the picture does fat in our body have a role in energy expenditure? Let me tell you. It is only when the glucose level is not sufficient that our body will resort to using fats for energy. The body uses up fats in order to supply the needed glucose for energy. Fats should be converted to glucose and this requires greater calories in order for it to be done. It takes about 4 calories for carbohydrates to be converted to glucose and 9 calories for fats to be converted to glucose. Is this somewhat confusing? Don't be, the next paragraph will help you understand it by the use of practical examples.

How to lose fats?

The main goal now should be to use fats as an energy source in order to effectively achieve that rapid fat loss. To do that, 2 things should be done. First is through diet modifications and second is to use more energy through exercise regimen.

Diet modification should be low in carbohydrates and caloric restrictions. The recommended caloric restrictions should be 500 to 1000 calories less than your recommended daily caloric intake. So, you have to eat less or if possible abstain from eating carbohydrate rich food. Breads, rice, pasta, starch based food like French fries, potato chips and the likes should be kept to a minimum. If you could do it, just simply erase it in the meal plan. Eat more fruits and vegetables as these are lower in caloric content and they also help you to feel full and therefore make you crave for food less often.

Next of course is to make your body demand as much energy as possible in order to use up the fats. This could be done through the miracles of exercise. In order for your body to move the muscles (the way exercise does), you need energy. Therefore, it is essential to keep on doing exercises. Be it swimming, biking, speed walking, anything! Do what you want to do. Keep your heart racing and go the extra mile so as to feel more tired. The very sign that you are using fats is the sensation of pain. This is because as your fats are being converted to glucose for energy, they release lactic acid which is responsible for the pain sensation you feel. So the more the pain you feel, the more fats you have lost. Motivate yourself with that thought.

There, with everything said you are now ready to have that rapid fat loss!

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