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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rely On the African Mango to Help Weight Loss Efforts

Most folks never think of the African mango to help weight loss efforts. However, the yellow fruit from the Irvingia Gabonensis tree of the Cameroon rainforest in West Africa is ideal for helping you slim down. Also known as the bush mango or wild mango, the healthy fruit produces a seed that is quite rich in both healthy fats and fiber. In fact, local residents of West Africa have been using the produce for thousands of years. In was only in the last couple of decades that researchers from Western culture discovered the amazing health benefits of the African mango.

For starters, the African mango is a wonderfully delicious and juicy fruit. The seed of the fruit helps to fight off obesity in men and women. As a direct result, you can enjoy eating and drinking the mango to defend your body against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other dangerous sicknesses. The extract of African mango can help your body produce important hormones to assist your metabolism, assisting with a number of weight loss benefits.

Research has proven that consuming the African mango can be effective in suppressing your appetite. Fast cell growth is reduced, and the breakdown of fats in increased. The mango causes your body's metabolism to be sped up, and burn many more fat deposits. In fact, research proves that the fruit can help people drop approximately 10 pounds in only one month's time. All you need is to rely on the fruit's extract two times a day. At the same time, folks tend to feel totally detoxified and refreshed. That's incredible for an all natural food!

African mangos also boost adiponectin in the body. The hormone controls your blood sugar and insulin levels. Thanks to the increase of adiponectin, your metabolism speeds up and more fat is burned in a shorter amount of time. Unattractive fat deposits are broken down in your belly, thighs and butt at a much faster rate. In other words, your body will be better defended against obesity and diabetes.

The fruit causes more of the leptin hormone to flow throughout your body. Leptin also speeds up your metabolism, causing quicker weight loss. However, C-reactive protein often causes individuals to grow resistant to the leptin. In other words, weight loss becomes extremely difficult. Fortunately, the increase of leptin caused by African mangos can lower the amounts of C-reactive proteins in your blood, allowing you to lose belly fat.

Another health benefit of eating and drinking African mangos is a reduction of bad LDL cholesterol. The high fiber content of the yellow fruit effectively removes the LDL cholesterol from your body. Meanwhile, the amount of your good HDL cholesterol is increased.

When you are searching for the ideal food to help weight loss efforts, look no further than the produce aisle in your grocery store. Of course, consuming too much African mango has caused side effects, such as minor headaches, troubles sleeping and gas. Yet, African mangos have so many positive attributes, especially when it comes to quick weight loss, the fruit is worth including in any weight loss plan.

Since hitting my 40s, my belly has grown big and fat. I knew it was becoming a serious health risk. So I decided to ask my family doctor how to lose weight fast? He suggested powerful HCG Injections to help weight loss. The physician also recommended eating the right fruit, African mango, to assist with quick and safe weight loss efforts. That certainly sounds easy enough. Thanks Doc!

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