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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sprinkle Some Garlic On Your Weight Loss Meals

You may not have ever realized it, but garlic is a wonderful addition to several different diet plans. Not only does it provide your food with plenty of taste, its packed health benefits, ranging from various vitamins to powerful antioxidants. It has been used to fight off the common cold, the flu and even the devastating Plague in Europe during the 1300s. Meanwhile, the food's nutritional benefits can be a part of any weight loss meals. If you are looking to quickly slim down your physique, you should consider loading up on garlic.

You can always rely on garlic to help keep control of your overall weight. For starters, it can be used to suppress your appetite. Its distinctive smell fuels your brain to create less feelings of hunger. At the same time, it kicks your nervous system into full gear. As a direct result, hormones like adrenaline are released, and your overall metabolism is sped up to burn more fat from your body.

Garlic helps folks to control high blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol levels. Scientific studies have even shown its effectiveness as a natural antibiotic, especially aged garlic. After all, both bacteria and damaging free radicals in the human body can be better fought off with some of its antioxidant effects than a great number of fancy medications on today's pharmaceutical market. Numerous reports show that black garlic is the best type when it comes to elevating your body's antioxidant levels. According to some doctors, all types of garlic help you body fight off cancer cells as well.

Health care professionals have determined that crushing garlic over foods like salad, soup, marinades and dips can increase its benefits on your body. You can also toss a bit over pasta, steak and a wide variety of different stews. Of course, many men and women prefer relying on garlic supplements, such as pills, just to avoid suffering from dreaded bad breath. In actuality, you can depend on gum, mints, lemon and fresh parsley to override any nasty breath. Regardless, the various health benefits of garlic are fantastic, especially when it comes to quickly losing belly fat.

Despite all of the positive attributes to go along with garlic, it is not a flawless food for weight loss. Besides harming your breath, there are numerous side effects from the strong food, such as causing pain to the digestive tract if too much is consumed. Your digestive tract can even suffer permanent damage. More often than not, eating too much leads to uncomfortable gas, bloating, fever and upset stomachs. Some people are even allergic to garlic. They tend to breakout with rashes, have high temperatures and suffer from horrible headaches when it enters their systems. Finally, it can throw any anticoagulants used in test tubes and renal dialysis equipment off track. In other words, do not consume garlic before a medical procedure without your doctor's blessing. Once you get a green light to enjoy some, feel free to toss a bunch of garlic over any of your weight loss meals to add some taste.

Now that I am a middle-aged man, my belly has grown big and fat. I began to fear for my overall health. So when I saw my family doctor, I decided to ask him how to lose weight fast? Of course, he suggested eating numerous weight loss meals. Perhaps even sprinkle them with a little garlic. He also recommended the daily use of powerful HCG Injections to see quick weight loss results. That certainly sounds easy enough. Thanks Doc!

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