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Monday, April 16, 2012

Starving Yourself to Lose Weight: Why You Should Never Try It

If by any chance you have been starving yourself to lose weight, you are greatly misled. But to be quite honest, many people think that weight loss has all to do with refraining from eating. I too thought that for quite sometime until I realized the implications of using such a technique. In fact, to some extent, it is true but attempting to lose weight in such a way is a pretty bad idea. And if you would want to find out, read on.

Calorie deficit:

Whenever you want to cut down, there must be a calorie deficit. This simply means that the number of calories you consume must be less compared to the ones you use. Otherwise if you fed on more calories and used less, then you will gain weight. This deficit in calories can be achieved in two ways. You either exercise or any other way in which you can trigger physical activity or by eating less. So in the real sense, it is quite logical that those who are trying to lose weight should eat less only that it is destructive to both your nutrition and overall health. The sad bit is a lot of people fall for such a misconception and end up doing themselves a lot of harm.

The implications:

As we have already seen, it's actually possible to lose weight while eating less, what we now need to know, is the implication such a technique would bring on our health. The thing is that when you eat less, you tend to slow down your metabolism. The body is an organism driven to survive after years of evolution. So it means that it constantly checks itself in order to survive. Whenever you keep off food, you will assume that the body has no food. But you are wrong, it doesn't diet, it survives.

Hence when you are eating less, it means that the body is conserving energy, and consequently, it is burning fewer calories. The thing here is you already are eating very few calories since you are probably avoiding the same. On the other hand, you are burning fewer calories. So what happens at the end of the day? You will not achieve the deficit that you should.

The other implication is that you burn lots of muscle tissue when you starve yourself. This loss becomes quite difficult to reverse now that you are not eating enough. And as you probably know, the muscle tissue plays an important role in increasing the metabolism and also in burning fats. So at the end of the day, these implications may just make your quest to lose weight futile. It will make it harder for you to lose weight.

The bad thing is that the moment you stop starving yourself to lose weight, your metabolism will take time to pick. As a result, the pounds will just start piling up and you will be surprised that you have started to add weight sooner than you thought. So if you were contemplating such an idea, you now know how risky it is, don't even dare try!

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