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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Struggling To Lose Weight: Why You Should Not Give Up Yet

With every three out of four people supposedly overweight, you can be sure there are a large number of people struggling to lose weight. So is the situation, not just in America but in most continents, there is a substantial number of people facing this predicament.

So if you happen to fall in this category of people, you definitely know what I mean when I say struggling to lose weight. The unfortunate thing about being in such a group is that out of desperation you can fall for any weight loss technique. So before you do that, let me give you a few tips on how you can lose weight without so many struggles.


Most people especially those suffering from diabetes have quite a hard time staying from food. They constantly suffer from cravings to break this cycle a period of fasting would be good. There are different types of fasting and you do not necessarily have to keep off drinks. You can still go through a period of fasting and drink some plain water. High calorie drinks are also good as they will help provide you with lots of energy during this period.

However, fasting is not all that good. If you have been used to consuming a particular amount of food and you suddenly deny yourself, the body is likely to react negatively. So unless you are really strong enough to try fasting, leave it to those that can. In fact, fasting has been disapproved by many healthy experts as it has health implications.

Consume low calorie:

To ensure that you do not find low calorie foods boring, you can invest in high calorie tasting but low calorie content. Remember foods like vegetables and fruits are low in calories and tastes just as good. You can also try and stick to low carb food since most of the carbs are quite high in calorie content. Proteins are also good as they ensure you are full for longer period thus if you are one of those people with food cravings you can be able to handle that. This way, weight loss will be a bit easier and you will find your struggle one that you can overcome.


While most people do not find the thought of exercising pleasant, it is quite a good way in ensuring that you burn calories. The reason many people find that they are struggling with exercise is they lack to practice it with consistency. In the same way, you must ensure that you participate in exercise which allows you to burn more calories than you consume. Simple exercises such as jogging and walking may not work well. If the struggle has been so much, try other extreme exercises such as weight lifting and running. In the same way, do not give up on exercise if you want to reap the results.


If you have unsuccessfully tried other methods such as the ones above and have failed, then you can try and see if surgery is the last option. There are different types of surgery so before you chose one, carefully weigh the options. This is because there are various side effects involved in each.

Therefore, if you really have been struggling to lose weight, you can be sure that there is a pool of options you will take eternity to exhaust.

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