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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Truth About Six Pack Abs - The Problem With Organic Labeling

Organic farming is one of the fastest growing segments of US agriculture. Local farmer markets are also beginning to make that transition over to organic produce. Though people say that they can't find grass fed meats or organic produce in the area in which they live, a simple Google search has helped many find what they're looking for. No matter what your goals are concerning health and nutrition, the quality of food you put into your body is an important factor in meeting your goals faster.

But there is a big problem with the labeling of organic food. There are some companies that label a product as organic, but in reality only a small percentage of that product is truly organic. Unfortunately consumers have been enticed to pay more for a product that has little or lesser value than its so-called counterparts.

When you see the US Department of agriculture's organic seal, it means no synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and no genetic engineering were used to produce that plant or animal. That alone appeals to a lot of people. Organic farmers even argue that it's better for the environment. But there are many critics that say it simply isn't feasible to feed the world without toxins.

For individual families, the decision about buying organic food may come down to whether or not chemical and pesticide free produce is worth the higher price. But the good news about organic food is, as time progresses and the demand for organic food goes up, chances are the prices will eventually go lower.

So if you are just starting out with the organic lifestyle, it is best to start with the basics like fruits and vegetables and then gradually move over to your meats. You might want to also be flexible in your decisions and choose foods that are in season at the time. Some of the local markets will even let you buy whole foods in bulk and give you a great deal.

In conclusion, what really distinguishes organic products is how they are grown or raised, so when shopping for food, make sure you find a label that says 100% organic and not just organic by itself. There is a big problem with the labeling of organic food, but we still can make smarter choices concerning our health. Burning fat and getting six pack abs is a slow process, but with the right food for fuel, that process can go a whole lot faster!

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