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Friday, April 27, 2012

Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight: What You Must Not Try

Research shows that millions of people in America are continually trying to lose weight but the depressing thing is that they are using very unhealthy ways to lose weight. Everything has its pros and cons, and what you must always remember is that some weight loss techniques will have a considerably negative effect on your health and are better not tried.

The first thing to remember is that there are many healthy ways you can use to lose weight. So when am trying to single some unhealthy ones out, it does not mean that am leaving you without an option. I am simply trying to tell you that your health is far more important than any weight initiative you may take, so do not compromise it at all costs. That said; let us see some of the unhealthiest ways that people commonly use to lose weight.


Yes, fasting tops the list, because I don't think there is another method as commonly used as fasting. And before you go ahead and crucify me, am not talking about the religious fasting that most people practice. I mean the kind of fasting people do in the name of weight loss. Why is it unhealthy? Most people do it thinking that it is an extreme way of reducing your calories and will help in reducing fats. But the problem when it comes to fasting arises because what you end up losing is muscle and not fats.

In essence, the body needs fluids and energy in order to burn fats. And when you are fasting, it means that it is not getting any of these. Unfortunately, it may end up storing more and more fats as a survival technique during the fasting period. And therefore, once you resume eating, you will have lost lots of muscles meaning you will find it much harder to lose weight.

Use of laxatives:

While you result to laxatives to lose weight, there is one risk you expose yourself to; dehydration. As a result of this abuse the much you can lose is water, and having left your body dehydrated, it means that you have lowered your metabolic system. You end up feeling weak and sickly, at the end of the day; it will be pointless to have tried.


In regard to this, many people have resulted to diet pills as the only solution to weight loss. From what I know, most of these diet pills contain active ingredients which result in health complications such as stroke, heart diseases and in other instances may even cause heart attack. There is however some natural diet pills so all you need is to make sure that you get a trusted and approved manufacture.


I actually have never understood why anyone would take this extreme measure to help lose weight. Most surgical procedures leave you with a damaged digestive system and other side effects such as nausea. They limit your food intake as most of them involve removing a section of the stomach. So unless you are sick or disabled and it's your only option, do not go for surgery.

Thus, if you are trying to lose weight, keep in mind that these are indeed the unhealthy ways to lose weight.

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