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Monday, April 16, 2012

What Is the Best Diet Program? The Inevitable Question

Is there a thing as a sure-fire, strict to the books diet program? A lot of people end up asking what is the best diet program for them to stick to but in all truth there really isn't a single diet program that can adhere to everybody all the time. All of this boils down to the one fact that everybody is different no matter the striking similarity between some people. Just because two people have the exact same weight and height it doesn't mean they have the same dietary needs; one person may have a weaker cardiopulmonary combination while the other may have a bigger bone structure but will have certain allergies to food.

So what is the best diet program if there isn't a specific diet program for everybody? It comes down to knowing what you are looking for instead of looking for a specific by-the-books diet. It may sound good to just drop eating pork, chicken and beef and go on an all-veggie diet but then this doesn't work for people who need certain number of calories or for people who don't get a filling in just eating greens. You need to consider not the best diet program for everybody in general but the best diet program for you individually. It becomes a subjective topic instead of an objective preference.

Here are some aspects to find out what is the best diet program for you specifically:

Know your calorie intake.

Watching people calculate the amount of calories they intake everyday used to be something to be laughed at but these days it has proven to be the sure-fire way to figure out how much calories your body needs, how much it doesn't need and how much you need to burn. By knowing how much you need to get rid of you can draw out a specific diet and a work-out routine to get the right amount of calories in and the excess burned off.

Focus on natural food.

Juices are great, that's a well-known fact, but when you drink natural juice you're only getting the vitamins but not the fiber found in the pulp of the fruit and this is why many dieticians prefer to just drinking water and compliment it with an actual fruit, particularly oranges. Processed food may seem like a good choice especially since they usually market themselves to be health-focused but what happens behind the scenes is that the manufacturers strip down the food to their basic elements, process them for taste and marketing purposes then re-enrich them with nutrients. It just does not work as great as natural food that comes with all the good taste and nutrients already packed into them without any excess baggage like preservatives or manufacturing chemicals.

Water therapy works like a charm.

So it may be a baffle to some that the "eight glasses of water" is not really an accurate estimate on how much water one needs to drink everyday but it does give a good picture that a healthy diet program involves keeping you well hydrated, especially if you pair up your diet with an extensive work-out program that will keep you perspiring.

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