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Sunday, May 13, 2012

15 Surefire Ways To Stop Overeating In 2012

Whether it's day 4 or day 24, the urge or craving to eat is always hard to shake off. In fact dieticians have stated that the number of binge eaters will increase by a third solely in 2012, which is why I wrote this article. In this article I will uncover 15 surefire ways to STOP over eating entirely!

15 Ways To Stop Overeating:

- Understand what is reasonable. Most dieters become overeaters because of the high demands their diets put on them. I'm not saying crash diets don't work, yet most people on them gain all the weight back they lose. Crash diets set unreasonable restrictions, so avoid them. Instead figure out what you want and how to do it without giving up everything!

- Eat! Listen, you can eat and eat a hefty amount without gaining fat so don't cheat yourself.

- Plan ahead. I'm not on a diet, yet I do plan my meals because I'm knowledgeable about what can and cannot get a way with. (Being knowledgeable is a biggie)

- Take a crash course in nutrition. Whether it's a quick read of a magazine every week or an article online, you should get to know nutrition. The knowledge alone will stop you from overeating.

- Under eat during the day so you can get a nice size meal in for dinner.

- Create alternatives. When that voice in your head is insisting that you eat, stop and find something else to do to take your mind off of food.

- Eat often.

- Enjoy life. Overeating's biggest fan is stress. If you eliminate it, I promise diet will never be an issue.

- Get a journal and write in it. This is one of the biggest tools to helping binge eaters find out what causes them to binge.

- Affirm yourself. If you're on a diet and your doing well then compliment and reassure yourself of this success (affirmations are a big help).

- Be forgiving. Listen, I'm a nutritionist and I slip up! Yet, I like to just laugh it off, because it'll surely make it easier for you to get back on track.

- Choose meals that are nutrient packed. Make sure each meal has some veggies in it and etc...

- Eat breakfast. All around the world studies have been created proving that breakfast eaters eat less throughout the day.

- Join forums and support groups if this problem becomes out of control!

- Hypnosis. This happens to be one of my favorites and really becoming one of the top treatments for people with food eating issues.

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