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Monday, May 28, 2012

3 Little Known Benefits Of Eating Four To Six Meals A Day (It's Not JUST A Faster Metabolism)

If you have been looking to lose weight and get in shape, I'm pretty sure that by now you have heard the tip to "eat several small meals a day to lose weight fast". Am I right? Well, many people hear or read this tip, but usually are reclined from committing to something like this because it appears to be very difficult to stick to. I mean, who has the time to eat 4-6 small meals a day? Well my friend, it IS possible. It's possible by eating meals that are quick, easy, and very healthy. Heck, you could even have a protein shake or a yogurt with some almonds and a small piece of fruit for one meal! Pretty simple, huh?

You see, eating more often throughout the day has been known to skyrocket your metabolism. And many people already know this. However, there are 3 more AMAZING benefits that eating more often during the day will bring you as well... and these 3 things will also cause you to drop pounds of fat lightning fast. Here are the 3 little known benefits of eating several small meals a day...

Benefit #1 - You'll prevent strong cravings! I don't know about you, but I used to get super STRONG cravings... especially at certain times of the day! My specific cravings were typically for salty or high carbohydrate foods (I live in Philadelphia... so obviously that would mean Philadelphia cheese steaks... lol)! The good news is that once you go on a diet that has you eating several small meals a day, you will also decrease those strong craving urges (ESPECIALLY if you ensure you get a nice hearty breakfast).

Benefit #2 - You'll improve your digestive system! You see, when you eat larger meals with a ton of calories, you are overloading your digestive system. When this happens, your body slows down to try to process all these calories... and that's when you are at a higher risk of having calories STORED AS EXTRA BODY FAT! This of course will also cause stomach pain issues.

On the other hand, if you eat smaller lower calories (but more often throughout the day), you'll keep your digestive system running smoothly. This in turn will keep your metabolism running strong... and the calories will continue to be burned off!

Benefit #3 - You'll decrease strong hunger pangs! I used to get these really strong hunger pangs right around dinner time. Want to know why? That was because I used to do what I mentioned above in #2 (and that was eating HUGE meals)... but in this case, I would end up having a MONSTER dinner. What this did was programmed my body to crave a boat load of calories around dinner time!

When you consistently eat smaller meals, you will also program your body to be satisfied with lower calories at a time!

Oh, and by the way, when you go on a diet based on eating several small meals, you will NOT be starving yourself! Yes, you will be eating less calories per meal, but you will not be eating a small amount of calories for the whole day. This is the whole reason behind eating more than 3 meals a day.

Bottom line, eating smaller meals often throughout the day is a surefire way to lose pounds of fat lightning fast. If you also factor in a powerful diet program based on this method (such as the program I went on), then you can pretty much go out and buy and new wardrobe RIGHT NOW because you WILL be much slimmer very soon!

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