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Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 Motivational Tips to Make You Unstoppable in the Gym

Can you see yourself walking down the beach looking and feeling great? Or wearing that T-shirt and having your lean body definition apparent through it? Sounds too cliché, but it is achievable.

Everyone love to have ripped six pack abs and be in shape. Can everyone achieve it? Yes. Although some may find it hard because they lack the motivation and drive to get it done. If you don't want something so bad that you'd do anything for it, then you probably don't deserve it.

Sorry to break this down for you (this might be a shocker to some of you by the way) but LIFE IS VERY FAIR!! Give efforts and you will get results; blame everything around you for your failure and guess what? Nothing! You'll stay fat and ugly.

Our human nature is driven by laziness, we crave comfort, and we'll do anything to "do nothing", hence the procrastination. We tend to tell ourselves stupid excuses and make ourselves believe them. "I am too busy to start working out", "I am not that overweight to start a diet", "Next week I'll change my life, I'll never quit the gym again when I start", "I'll just have potato chips, and pizza tonight, and from tomorrow and on I'll start eating healthy" those are ploys our lazy nature uses against us to sabotage our plans, and even when you start working out the lazy you will try to make you quit by throwing in some negative messages "I have done enough exercises, I don't need to do X and Y exercises too" or "The day is just starting don't waste all of your energy on this workout". See, your lazy nature isn't that lazy after all. In fact it is probably more focused than you.

The secret to being lean isn't over exercising but being in control of your thoughts and your life in general. Whether you are looking to drop some pounds or prepare for a bodybuilding competition. Don't let negativism, or delayism takeover your mind.

Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself focused and get you the motivation you lack:

Tip #1: Share your goals with your friends and family. It's great to have people by your side, especially when they can offer great support. They'll also remind you of your goals when you're off track. Don't be afraid of criticism, even if the person is going to put you down with their comments don't hesitate to tell them, you can still use their criticism as a fuel to make you even more focused on your goals just to prove them wrong.

Tip #2: Get a partner if you don't have one yet, and plan things together. Often times having a workout partner or a dieting partner will make things better for everyone. With competition you are more likely to stick around to your goals, and go for the win. I mean you hate to lose don't you? Something that I do with a friend of mine is to set a penalty that one have to pay if he tries to avoid a workout (ex: movies, billiard, dinner). Another thing you can do is buy a prize together, and the one who loses the biggest percentage of their weight during the month wins it! The options are limitless, just be creative.

Tip #3: Write down your goals. Get a paper and a pen right now, and specify your goals and aspirations in details. Write down in details what your goal is and next to it list all the benefits that will come with it.

For example:

Goal: Lose 15 pounds

Benefits: I will feel lighter; I will have more body definition; I can finally wear those Jeans I bought last summer.

By writing your goals down, and keeping them in front of you, you'll have a lot more drive towards achieving them. This is by far the most important tip in this article. So don't hesitate to try it, you'll be surprised at the results it produces.

Losing weight and getting in shape is harder than what it sounds like. I mean anything that involves "LOSE" is easy. You can easily lose money, faith, a bet, your girlfriend, and even muscle... but not fat. To burn fat you have to work hard, and be disciplined. But don't worry, once you take your first steps the rest will come naturally, and you'll soon start changing your lifestyle bit by bit til you get to your objectives.

The rewards are priceless and the amount of confidence you get when you are watched or checked out is amazing, or even if you simply just want to live an incredible healthy lifestyle and carrying on that mindset to your family and kids, it is absolutely worth it.

Get your ass off that couch, start planning your workouts and life in general, and stay focused about it. It is not hard, if everyone can do it, why can't you??

Now go get those abs along with the ripped body you dream about, I know that you can do it.

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