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Monday, May 21, 2012

3 Surefire Ways Intermittent Fasting Can Stop You From Eating

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is relatively a new term and is ideal for those who want to lose some weight, solve the problem of overeating and want to have a longer lifespan. In this diet plan, you can eat as many things as you want in the 24 hour period no matter how fattening it can be, but for the next 24 hour period you are on a fast, which means you can't have anything to eat and can consume only plain water. This is a modern approach to avoid overeating as well as to control weight and is supported by science as well as plenty of cultural and religious practices.

Variations in Intermittent Fasting

This is not only the sole way of intermittent fasting, rather there are plenty of variations found in this diet plan. There are forms of intermittent fasts which are commonly used:

In which the person will get to eat anything once after 20-28 hours for a four hour period.This is known as alternate day fasting in which the person eats anything he wants in a 24 hour period and then there is fast for 24 hour period as mentioned above.

3 Ways Intermittent Fasting can Solve Overeating

It's Easy

Intermittent fasting is a very easy process. It may sound hard in the beginning especially when you are addicted to food and eating but with a little practice, you will easily start following it. Once you will have a routine of this diet plan, you will notice that it is helping you ultimately in your overeating problems and will result in weight loss.

Less Effort

Unlike the other diet plans where you have to strictly control the calories, in intermittent fasting, you have the periods when you can have a treat and can enjoy anything you love to eat. So when if you are tempted to eat anything desperately you will have a time, when you can have it. So it involves less effort.

Healthy Body

Since you have the option of eating anything after the period of the fast is over, so you can consume a lot of healthy fruits and fresh juices. Also when you are in the fasting period, you can only consume plain water which will keep your body hydrated and fresh. So it is a healthy way of solving the overeating and weight loss problem.

So with the above mentioned ways, you will surely be able to control any weight loss issues as well as overeating issues in just few days in a safer and healthy way.

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