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Saturday, May 5, 2012

4 Ways to Stop Overeating

We all know that straight willpower never works when changing your diet. In order to closely adhere to your new weight loss diet or just trying to control your calories while on maintenance mode, try one of these techniques. They have a tremendous impact on your eating habits and are easy to do.

Technique 1 - Eat Slowly

Your body is designed to notify your brain when you finish a meal. The most powerful trigger to set off this signal is time. In fact, you would feel more full if you took 15 minutes to eat a low-fat turkey sandwich than you would if you ate that same sandwich with a small apple in 5 minutes.

Don't believe me? Try it sometime. Time yourself eating one of your typical meals and time yourself. Then eat the same meal but this time slow down your eating and add 10 minutes to your time and make sure you pace yourself to last the entire time. Of course they're a lot of variables in this comparison such as the times between meals and the size of the meals before, etc. But you get the picture.

The point I hope to make clear is to slow down your eating. Try to make it a habit to eat slower and set times on how long you will eat and it will in turn become a habit. Your body will become full on less food and just imagine the number of calories you'll shave off your daily total.

You can consider this calorie burning with literally zero effort. Why wouldn't anyone do this?

Technique 2 - Control Your Atmosphere

Ever finished a box of reduced fat Triscuits while watching TV or chatting on Facebook and forgot you were eating? Could it be the only reason you noticed was because your hand was scraping the bottom of the box for one more Triscuit that wasn't there?

This happens not because you lack control. This happens because you're not noticing it. It's the TV and the Facebook chat that is stimulating you and you don't recognize your bodies signals telling you that you're full.

This is an easy way to overeat and tack on tons of calories. Try eating without distractions and the times that you can't, take only the serving size to prevent chowing down more than your allotment of calories. By doing this you'll be in tune with your body telling you it's full and you'll be amazed on how satisfied you'll be by eating the recommended serving as you would when you eat more than half the box.

Another calorie burner with no effort.

Technique 3 - Toss Out & Stay Away From Engineered Food

Don't know what an engineered food is? They're any foods that have been processed or what's considered "junk food." They're manufactured with chemicals that make them softly addicting. So, you don't have a food problem after all, they're made for you to become dependent on them so you'll buy more.

To help you out, stay away from these:

candiesfast foodsodasmicrowave dinnerschipsetc.

I'm not telling you to kick 'em to the curb for the rest of your life. Just saying to significantly reduce the amount you consume these items for thirty days. Notice that you'll feel and see the difference.

Yet another calorie burner with no effort.

Technique 4 - Increase Your Water Intake

I bet you didn't know this - when your thirsty your body will signal it's hungry. This is not so common for those who regularly drink the recommended daily allowance.

Why would you feel hungry when you are actually thirsty? Because food has moisture in it (yes, even pound cake) and your body already knows that it doesn't get the proper water intake. However, it knows it get plenty of food. It thinks that this is the only way to stay hydrated because it doesn't know any different.

This is the easiest method that I've come across to ensuring the proper water intake. Drink at least 12-16oz of water with every meal and snack and one more before you go to sleep at night. You're guaranteed to drink a minimum of 72-96oz of water and fall well within the recommended daily allowance.

This seems more natural and easier to do than to fill up a 64oz jug and having it stare you down all day making it feel more like a chore. This little tweak has done wonders for my clients and I suggest you try it for yourself. Staying hydrated will keep your hunger at bay and has more benefits too. Here are a few:

increased energyflushes toxins out of the bodykeeps skin soft and helps reduce and prevents wrinkleskeeps metabolism strongprotects jointsregulates body temperature

Bear in mind that you want to add at least 6-12oz of water for every beverage containing a decent amount of caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic and will absorb and dispense the water in your body so you want to make sure to replace that. Also, it doesn't have to be water with every meal but make sure to keep it low to no calories and try to avoid diet sodas entirely if you can.

Guess what I'm about to say? You guessed it, another calorie burner with no effort.

What do you find in common with the four techniques given to you? Notice how you aren't doing anything different. You're just doing them in a different way.

You can do this with every aspect of your fitness goals. It's the way you look at things and what you are aware of in the present moment. Awareness always brings answers!

Sean Hammers is founder of and has been a certified professional fitness trainer for over eight years. His unique approach of training the brain before the body has produced life changing results for his clients. You can download your free report on his 4 Step Fat Burning Process by clicking here.

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