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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Ingenious Ways to Shed the Christmas Pounds

If there is ever a time for mindless over-indulgence, it is indeed Christmas. That time of the year when counting calories, watching your bank balance and generally having responsibly seems to be forgotten in favour of letting the good times roll!

For some people, it's really quite remarkable how much the seasonal blow-out can take its toll. You exhaust your bank account and pile on the pounds, eating cake, biscuits, cheese and drinking rather a lot of alcohol to boot. But when the New Year rolls around, it's time to sort it out...

1. Join a gym We'll start with the most obvious and, unfortunately the one that most people have every intention of doing. But intentions don't win you any points - you actually need to do it! Most cities have a range of gyms at very affordable prices and in even the remotest of places making them accessible to all. Due to the fitness industry being so aggressively competitive, most gyms these days offer a rolling contract at a very reasonable rate. Really, there is no excuse for you to pass up on this - so sign up today!

2. If you can't gym, run! A great alternative to the gym, and perfect for all-round fitness, is the option of going running. You need a bit of gear - appropriate trainers and clothing - but generally this is very low cost. Take your gear to work and go running on your lunch break if you won't have time later. To see even better results for your efforts, invest in a pair of ankle weights to add more resistance to your run.

3. Buy an item of clothing in a smaller size This is a winner for psychological weight loss. If you've wanted to slim down and tone up for some time, why not buy a piece of clothing which is a size too small for you to currently wear; a new dress, an awesome t-shirt or maybe a new pair of jeans. This will be your goal, and your prize, for losing that little extra weight. Much more effective than marking down calories and keeping track of your weight every week!

4. Don't crash diet, change your routine Unfortunately many people get sucked into the idea of crash dieting where you live off of celery for weeks on end. Nobody sticks to these because it makes you miserable (fact!) so instead try to modify your lifestyle. Instead of eating large portions, eat smaller portions. Instead of drinking a large glass of wine, drink a small glass of wine. Soon enough this will become your normal choice and you won't remember the last time you went super-size at McDonalds!

5. Drink more water Quite often we feel hungry when in fact we just require hydration. Aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day to feel your best. If possible, buy mineral water in bulk or use the water from the drinks fountain in the office. This is better than tap water which can contain chemicals that don-t taste very nice. If you find water really boring, consider adding low-calorie fruit cordials to give it some flavour, or drink herbals teas which are also low-calorie.

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